7 Tips For Beginner Horse Training
Horses are very useful and trainable animals. They can me used for a limitless variety of tasks such as farming, sports, recreation, and even warfare.
By Annabelle Cabella
Positive Training With Dog Treats
There was a time when negative dog training was often used. Rather than only rewarding the desired behavior, punishment was given for incorrect behavior. Canines are naturally inclined to work, and most have a strong desire to learn as a way to...
By Kimberly Case
How to Canter a Horse
One of the natural gaits possessed by horses is the canter. The canter is normally faster than a trot but slower than the gallop. This gait is used by all horse riders.
By Annabelle Cabella
Simple and Effective Tips For Training Your Dog
Training your dog can be tough, but it definitely is very rewarding in the end. If you are persistent and you know how to approach dog training, it can actually be both fun and successful for both of you.
By Kelly Marshall
Doggy Safety Tips You Must Use
Taking care of your dog is a bit like taking care of a young child. You have the responsibility to plan and think for your dog, you have to be prepared for emergencies, and you need to take the right precautions as well.
By Kelly Marshall
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