Healthy Practices: When Should I Give Dog Treats to my Pet?
Tips for Dog Treats: Avoid Overfeeding with Proper Timing. Some pet owners take a very easy going approach to dog treats. While this can work out alright, your pet's health should be a top priority. Dog treats can become a problem when they...
By Kimberly Case
Make Your Cat Happy With Shredded Kitty Litter
Even since identity theft became ridiculously and frustratingly common, the sales of paper shredders have skyrocketed. These machines, which wear once really only used by government agencies and financial institutions, are now found in homes...
By Jeff McRitchie
Different Dog Breeds
They say that "dogs are man's best friend", it's quite true actually because people who love dogs very much tend to create a special kind of bond and connection that others cannot see. Since many of them prefer dogs as their pet and as a companion...
By Roger Thompson
Dwarf Hamster Care: How to Raise Happy, Healthy Dwarf Hamsters
Having dogs or cats in your house can be great. They can be beautiful pets, also playful and funny. But how many times have you had to get out of the house to walk your pet on a cold winter day? How many times have you found your house upside down...
By Jared D. Irving
Dwarf Hamster Life: The Breeds and Lifespan of Dwarf Hamsters
If you own a dwarf hamster, you probably know everything about raising him, about his food and habits. But you should also know something about the dwarf hamster life, how he breeds and what his life span is. Hamsters breed very fast, and also...
By Jared D. Irving
Dwarf Hamster Supplies: Cages, Toys and Food
Having a dwarf hamster in your house is great, as these kinds of hamsters are not only friendly and sociable but also easy to be taken care of. The Dwarf Hamster is small, cute and very playful. He or she will be easily adopted by your family...
By Jared D. Irving
Things You Need to Remember When Training German Shepherds
Training German Shepherd dog is truly a wonderful thing to do since this breed is not only goo as working dogs, but they can also be your best buddy and family pet. The German shepherd however is different from any other breeds when it comes...
By Kelly Callahan
Factors to Consider When Buying German Shepherd Puppies
German shepherd puppies is a great given that can be given to anyone you love, especially if they are dog enthusiasts. These puppies are often available in various colors and are popular for being strong and intelligent.
By Kelly Callahan
Cat Litter Boxes
Next to food, cat litter boxes are about the most important thing to your indoor cat. Cats are fastidious creatures which like to have somewhere clean and fresh to do their toilet.They need plenty of room to move without treading on something they...
By Liz Canham
Newborn Kitten Care
Caring for an orphaned kitten is a lot of work. Kittens need to stay with their mother for at least 8 weeks to learn proper social skills and behavior. It is safe to take kittens from their mother at 5-6 weeks old, but this is not healthy for them.
By David Peterson
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