How To Introduce Your Dog To Your New Baby
Many new parents are understandably nervous and apprehensive about introducing a new baby to their dog, but with the right preparation such a meeting can be happy and free from problems. The time to begin preparing for the meeting is long before...
By Bruno
Guinea Pig Supplies - Which Bedding Materials Are Best For Your Guinea Pigs?
Guinea pigs poop every six seconds. Okay, maybe that's not entirely accurate. But if you've ever owned a guinea pig or two, you know what I mean. It seems like, for every pound of food you feed them, you get back two pounds of feces and a...
By Bob Matthews
5 Tips For Basic Obedience Training With Dog Treats
Depending on what command you are working on, dog treats will be used in different ways. However, before you begin obedience training, there are a few general tips and suggestions that all dog owners should be aware of.
By Kimberly Case
Clicker Training Tips
Clicker training is the best way to train a dog using positive reinforcement. With clicker training you can train your dog quickly, reliably, and in a way that is enjoyable for both of you.
By Bruno
Should I Get a Dog? Tips for the Potential Dog Owner
All over the globe people are becoming dog owners for the first time. The local Humane Society is good at reminding us there are many dogs in need of a good home. The stories we hear tug at our hearts. Dogs are cute and their "wanting eyes" draw...
By Bruno
The Bow: Show Your Pet a New Trick With Dog Treats
Dog treats are a great tool when training your canine companion. If you are searching for a new trick that is relatively easy, then consider adding the bow to your pet's portfolio. Before you begin, make sure you have already gone over the basics...
By Kimberly Case
Rabbit Runs: Pamper the Inner Wanderer in Your Rabbit
Do you feel that your pet rabbit is feeling down with the weather? Does he look withdrawn and unable to respond to your calls and petting? Maybe he is feeling overweight and heavy. And that contributes to rabbit obesity and other complications.
By Christopher Lunsford
The Double Rabbit Hutch - Living Space Fit For a King!
Rabbit hutches are not all built the same. Some may satisfy aesthetics but fall short in safety and comfort for your pets, while some, although adequate, are simply too unsightly to display.
By Christopher Lunsford
The Fox Proof Rabbit Run: A Balance Between Protection and Freedom
The Fox Proof Rabbit Run, aside from protecting your favorite pets from harm, also gives them the opportunity to run around, play and generally act if in their natural habitat. Caring for rabbits has become quite the rage nowadays.
By Christopher Lunsford
Blending Two Cats
We have a Burmese cat, our first cat because we were dog people and never dreamed we would ever own a Cat but we met a friend of a friend who had a Burmese and it was the most awesome animal I had seen in awhile. A few months later we had our own...
By Michael Michael
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