How to Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy
Keeping a dog is a big responsibility. Your dog depends on you for food, grooming and daily care. He depends on you to see that all his needs are met.
By Kelly Marshall
Training Guide For Older Dogs
Not all owners have the time and knowledge to train their dogs. Some people may not find it very worthwhile because the dog is too old for the sort. The end result is nothing life threatening, but...
By Kelly Marshall
Pet Ownership - Understanding the Responsibility
Let's face it; puppies and kittens are about as cute as cute gets. Few of us can look at them without being reduced to cooing and giggling versions of our former sophisticated selves.
By Bruno
Things to Consider Before Choosing a Puppy
Deciding to get a puppy is the first step toward a lifetime of reward. There are many factors to consider, however, and, rather than making your head spin, they are designed to help you choose the puppy that will fit in best with your family...
By Bruno
Hip Dysplasia in Dogs
One of the most common conditions in veterinary practice, and one that I quickly learned to caution prospective puppy owners about, is hip dysplasia. It is a term you come across often when you are looking at adopting a large or giant breed puppy...
By Bruno
Teaching and Training Your Puppy
When the owner first starts training the puppy it seems hard when first starting, but as time passes it gets easier for both. The constant giving of commands to the little puppy seems cruel, because it seems like you are yelling at the dog.
By Steve Marcs
Should You Potty Train Your Pet With Dog Treats?
There is some controversy between dog owners about whether or not dog treats should be used in potty training. Some say that the reward encourages their pet to only relieve themselves outside while others believe that the reward can confuse...
By Kimberly Case
Why Do Dog Dig?
Digging for Prey: When dogs dig to pursue prey, they're just following their instincts. Their acute hearing and excellent sense of smell make them aware of underground critters such as gophers, snakes, and bugs that we're completely unaware of.
By Bruno
Looking For a Unique Dog? Consider the Rhodesian Ridgeback
The dog world is blessed with many wonderful breeds, from the tiny Chihuahua to the giant Mastiff. However, dog lovers in search of a unique personality and an equally unique look may want to look a bit further a field for their new canine companion.
By Bruno
Tips For Hosting a Successful Dog Party
Dog parties are becoming a popular event for pets and their owners. Although it may sound silly, throwing a party for your dog can be a good experience for your pet and a great opportunity for you to socialize with your fellow canine enthusiasts.
By Kimberly Case
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