Basic Care and Grooming Guide For Pomeranian Puppies
The Pomeranian dog falls under the toy dog group and Spitz group. Poms are considered as toy dogs primarily because adult Pomeranians reach a maximum weight of only about 3 to 7 lbs and length of 8 to 11 inches.
By Bruno
Breeding Guide For Your Pet Pomeranian
Are you about to breed your Pomeranian? There are things that you have to carefully consider before you decide to breed your pet pom. The first rule that you have to follow is that breeding is...
By Bruno
Essential Pet Pomeranian Fur Issues
There are some dog owners who are not aware that Pomeranians have two coats. In some instances, the focus of owners is only on one coat - the long and fluffy overcoat, and they fail to care for the thick and short undercoat.
By Bruno
Pomeranian Dog Care Essentials
Pomeranian dogs, which are also referred to as poms, are petite dog breeds that have lithe bodies covered with "tons" of fur. These are mainly concentrated around the neck region of this toy dog.
By Bruno
Crate Training Puppies
Crate training is an easy, natural way to train a puppy to both sleep soundly at night and to be housebroken. Crate training requires a high level of commitment from the owner--you can't expect your puppy to learn from an erratic routine.
By Bruno
How to Deodorize Your Dog With Cornstarch?
Dogs are notorious for having "doggy odor" or "doggy breath," but just like us humans, dogs will each have their own unique scent. Dogs recognize each other from their odors, which is why they sniff each others' rear ends in greeting...
By Bruno
Australian Cattle Dogs
An Australian Cattle Dog can make a wonderful pet for the right owner. You should know some basic facts about the personality, grooming and health of this breed before you purchase one.
By Bruno
Dogs in Cars: Tips to Ward Off Car Sickness
Certainly you've glimpsed them on the road, those free-wheeling pooches hanging out in the beds of pickup trucks cruising down the highway or those self-possessed pets with their noses out the window, happily smelling that rush of fresh air. But...
By Bruno
Dog Intelligence is Higher Than You Think!
Have you ever found yourself talking to your dog and got the feeling that he knew what you were saying? Well, it is...
By Michael Stone
Why Do Dogs Chase Cats?
It is an age-old fact that cats and dogs don't really get along together - although there are many exceptions to the rule. Some people will say that they have kept cats and dogs together for years and have never had a problem, whilst others will...
By Bruno
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