Learn Out of Body Travel - Instruction in Out of Body Travel

Learn out of body travel in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. To be able to leave one's body as your consciousness travels and functions on its own without the aid of your physical senses is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Our innate talents and skills vary from one another so our capacity to learn and experience something extraordinary depends on many factors. Patience and diligence could best serve you when acquiring new abilities.

Prepare yourself with the following guidelines prior to an effective out of body experience

Comfortable loose clothes help you breathe easily and won't make you feel restricted. It is best to do without any accessories like jewelry and hair ties.

Choose a quiet place that is free from any disturbance. A well ventilated room with ample soft lighting will do.

Make sure that you are well nourished and rested but refrain from being stuffed and feeling heavy with food as well as being inebriated or under the influence of drugs.

You can sit, lie down flatly or reclined. Just make sure that you are at ease in any position that you choose.

Free your mind from worries or problems that you may have. Distractions inside your head are worse to have than those that may come from your surroundings. You cannot proceed with a heavy heart and confounded mind.

Listen to binaural beats for astral projection as it will help you reach an altered state of consciousness faster. This particular binaural beats mp3 guides you to a relaxed disposition suitable for an out of body experience.

Your mind and body should both be conditioned well enough to learn out of body travel and then successfully carry out the process.

The stages you need to go through to achieve an out of body experience are:

Relaxation of your Physical Body

Breathing deeply by inhaling slowly, holding your breath for not more than 2 seconds and exhaling quietly as you feel yourself getting more relaxed after every breathing cycle.

Quiet Down your Mind

A noisy head wouldn't get you anywhere near an out of body experience. Instead of outlining and examining your ideas and feelings, just observe them as if they were just in passing. Zero in on your breathing, count to 10 over again or pay attention to the nothingness you see as your eyes are closed.

Astral Projection Techniques

A common method is to watch yourself as you fall asleep. Be solid on your aim to do so. You will be feeling different sensations all over your body as you feel more relaxed and verging in between the sleeping and waking state. Visualize yourself rising from where you are lying from then going up to the ceiling. Feel the emotions that go along with it as if you were actually able to float and make it as real as possible. Stay with that image and feeling as long as you can and you might just find yourself soaring!

You may not see it through the first try but there can always be a second, third and more attempts until you learn out of body travel and eventually reap its benefits.

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