The Truth on How English Grammar Affects Your Business

As an entrepreneur, learning the English grammar is probably the least of your priorities. There's a need to improve marketing methods, conduct meetings with employees, increase sales, talk to your accountant, and the list goes on but definitely not brush up on your English. However, in the process of doing all these, you will actually need to write and talk a lot. And as you know, writing and talking will need the use of proper grammar. Misuse of it can spell many disasters.

One of the disasters that can happen when you do not know grammar rules is getting your reputation tainted. A businessman who doesn't know his or her grammar will appear unprofessional, uneducated, and poor. This could easily spell distrust among clients that no matter how efficient you are work-wise, you just won't be able to win them back. Also, it is the good command of the language that enables an entrepreneur to create winning pieces of sales copies. If you don't know how to make you subjects and verbs agree, or arrange your paragraphs in a coherent manner, creating a sales copy that would work is definitely a long shot.

Try imagining yourself in the shoes of your clients. Upon receiving a letter that's poorly written, how would you react? Would you willingly award the contract or would you start doubting whether it's even choice? Sure, your business agreement may not have anything to do with English grammar rules because they are all about creating certain number of products in a certain number of days, however, isn't professionalism reflected on the way a person writes and speaks? If he or she can't get the sentence structures right, what are the chances that he or she will get the transaction right too? Not proofreading a business letter or intentionally omitting some articles is a reflection of how careless a person could be. Needless to say, a careless person is not someone encouraging to entrust your money with.

Another area that grammar plays an important role in business is in marketing. Say, you would like to put an advertisement in print or online. If you are not capable of writing a sound ad copy, do you think people would be interested in supporting your business? You may even offer discounts but your wrong grammar can definitely ruin your chances of winning customers. As people's choices are reflective of who they really are, no one would want to be identified with a business or product that does not give importance to basic English grammar.

Having cited these things, you now know that grammar is crucial in doing business and that you should give it due importance. Luckily, there are many ways to get around the problem of grammar. For one, there are software which helps in checking grammar and spellings. Although they are not always right, they can at least assist you with the basics. You may also ask help from a colleague or friend who has English grammar expertise. Books and e-books can be helpful too. Spend time on them. It is tantamount to investing for your business' future.

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