Learn Spanish in Spain: How to Speak Spanish Like a Spaniard

If you want to learn the language, why not learn Spanish in Spain and do it properly? Learn how to speak Spanish like a Spaniard does? Most people learn languages from books or audio courses, and some attend courses once or twice a week. How long will that take you to learn and how well are you going to learn? Forget it, and do it the correct way where you won't forget what you learn because you don't have time to.

The problem most people have with learning a language is that they do it part time. They go to courses once a week and are given homework to do. They come back a week later and try to remember what they have learned while at the same time being given new lessons and more vocabulary to learn. You will not learn vocabulary that you are not using, and you certainly won't understand what a Spanish person is saying to you unless you are used to hearing the words in his accent, and not in yours in your head!

Learn Spanish in Spain, and you will be speaking in Spanish all the time. You will be immersed in the language 24/7 and this is accepted by everybody as being the best way to learn a language - bar none! This is particularly true if you learn in a group: a group of like-minded people wanting to learn how to speak Spanish and prepared to talk in the language whenever they can and whenever they are forced to. It's amazing how quickly you learn when everybody around you is speaking the same language and you can't understand a word!

You can't buy anything in the shops, you can't order in a restaurant and you can't even read the road signs let alone the newspapers. Believe me, you learn fast. By choosing to go to Spain to learn their language, you will give yourself a fabulous benefit that no school kids have when they learn at school. You will be speaking to your tutors, your classmates and everybody else using the same language, and if that doesn't get you speaking Spanish quickly, then nothing will.

Not just schoolboy Spanish either, but how to speak Spanish like a Spaniard speaks it. You will learn how to converse in the language, using all the colloquialisms that confuse everybody learning in school or trying to teach themselves. But what if you have a specific reason for wanting to learn, such as if you are a professional having to be able to read Spanish texts or reports, or maybe you are getting work as a tourist rep or are buying a bar in Spain as many people do?

This is ideal for you, because you can combine your general Spanish lessons with tutoring in your specific specialty. Not only that, but you meet others with the same reason for learning as you have. There are courses that enable you to learn on a residential basis, so that not only are you truly learning on a 24/7 basis, but you can also immerse yourself in the Spanish culture: their food, history, architecture and entertainment. Once you begin to be able order from your own menu, speak to people in the shops and understand the jokes in the Spanish night clubs then you know you are getting there!

This is not to infer that you will not be learning the academic side of the language. You would also learn the grammar and proper sentence construction that makes the language what it is, but you will not get bogged down in that as you would in many class-based courses in your own country. A language is a living thing and changes with time. Just consider the way that your own grammar and vocabulary have changed over the years, and even the use of vocabulary. Certain words have changed in accepted meaning over the years, ranging in English, for example, from 'sophisticated' that once meant 'corrupted' or the current meaning of the word 'gay'. It is no longer used to mean 'happy and carefree'. These are things you learn when you learn Spanish in Spain.

It is well accepted that to immerse yourself in a language of any country, and in the customs and culture of that country, then you will learn to speak fluently very much quicker than if you learned any other way. It is almost impossible to speak like a resident of Barcelona, for example, unless you live in Barcelona while learning.

In fact, you can generally choose from a number of Spanish cities in which to learn the language. If you are moving to Spain, you are advised to learn in the nearest city to your new home. That way you will be able to learn Spanish in Spain using a dialect that you are most liable to hear and to use. If your want to speak Spanish like a Spaniard, then you have got to understand what others are saying to you and also enable others to understand you. It is more than just being able to read a language, so learn the right way and learn to speak Spanish the only way to enable you to speak it correctly.

Further information on learning languages in their own country is available on http://www.languagesinaction.com/learn-spanish/ where you will also find more detailed information on how to Learn Spanish in Spain with a perfect dialect.

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