Learn Hindi, The Language of the Exotic Land

Hindi is an exotic language of the exotic land, India. Anybody will start loving this country at first sight. Learning it is difficult but not impossible. The main point is that you can not aim to learn it instantly. You should set achievable targets so that you do not get disappointed and quit soon. As they say "winners never quit and quitters never win". When you first start learning Hindi, you should start with alphabets. Having a target of say, five alphabets daily and mastering them is reasonably an achievable target in the initial stages. After you learn the alphabets and start reading slowly, learning five words a day is a good target.

Learning Hindi is a long-drawn process and you can not push it beyond a certain limit. Only if you go through the entire process of learning, you can proclaim that you have learned Hindi. But if you advance slowly and steadily, every small success will take you towards your aim of learning Hindi.

You can learn Hindi through an online course, thanks to the advent of the Internet. This helps you to learn it at your own convenient pace. Online learning also helps you to repeat the class till you are completely satisfied with your learning. You have audio instructions in such online courses so that learning pronunciation of words becomes easy. You also have interactive sessions online using which you can get your doubts clarified. There are some software that offer you vocabulary-building games and creative learning techniques in Hindi. All these courses are user-friendly and they are not expensive also. But if you engage a tutor for learning Hindi, that may cost you a fortune. The high point in such online courses is that you can learn the language in the midst of your other work and anywhere you like.

You can try writing your diary in Hindi. In the initial stages, you can transliterate the language in English or in your own language and once you are confident of writing in Hindi, you can start writing in Hindi itself. The point that is being stressed here is that you should practice using Hindi as often as possible so that you can learn it faster. Whenever you talk to yourself, you can try speaking in Hindi so that retaining whatever you learned becomes easy. You should also make it a point to converse in Hindi with your friends and those who know it. By practicing what you learn daily, you can write and speak Hindi soon.

Instead of having a lengthy learning session, you can split the session into two shorter sessions so that you will not feel the length of it or get fatigued. In the first short session, you can learn new words or new sentence structures and in the second one, you can revise them so that you retain whatever you learned in the first session or in the previous sessions. Repetition helps you in retention of whatever you learned. It is often said that plowing deep is better than plowing wide. So you should learn each word or sentence structure thoroughly and then move on to the next.

You should keep your motivation levels in tact so that learning Hindi becomes fun. For doing so, you can devise your own ways to reward yourself suitably whenever you are appreciated for your prowess in Hindi. You should ensure that you get such appreciative pats on your back as often as possible.

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