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English is one of the most useful languages in the world. It is the most widely spoken in the world of business, and the most useful for those people who want to travel. The key to learning English is understanding the verbs. But one mistake many English students make is assuming that all verbs are the same in English. That is not true. English verbs are divided into 3 categories. Normal Verbs, Non-continuous verbs and mixed verbs.

Most English verbs are Normal Verbs. This means that they are used to describe a physical action that somebody is doing. These verbs can be used in all of the English tenses. Some examples of these English verbs are.

to learn
to study
to walk
to eat
to sleep
to jump

Some Examples of their uses in English would be:

- I learn English with my teacher on Skype
- I study with my teacher online

The next group of verbs are the Non-Continuous Verbs. This group is much smaller and usually includes things that we cannot see somebody doing. Some examples of these kinds of English verbs would be:

to be
to feel
to want
to love
to owe
to need


* She needs to improve her English
* He wants to be able to speak English with his friends.

The final group of English verbs are verbs that do not easily fall into any of the previous categories. In fact in many cases they fall into both categories.

to have
to hear
to look
to see
to appear

Some examples of of the uses of the Mixed verbs in English are the following

to have:

* I have a girlfriend now. Non-Continuous Verb
I have a girlfriend.
* I am having a great time now. Normal Verb
I am experiencing great time now.

to look:

* She looks tired. Non-Continuous Verb
She seems tired.
* They are looking at the pictures. Normal Verb
They are looking with their eyes.

to see:

* I see my friend. Non-Continuous Verb
I see my friends with my eyes.
* I am seeing the English teacher online. Normal Verb
I am visiting or consulting with an English teacher online.
* I am seeing him. Normal Verb
I am having a relationship with him.
* He is seeing butterflies during the day. Normal Verb
He sees something others cannot see.

to hear:

* She hears the English rock bands. Non-Continuous Verb
She hears the English Rock bands with her ears.
* I am hearing voices. Normal Verb
I hear something others cannot hear. I am hearing voices in my head.

This will help you clear the definitions of some of the verbs in English.

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