Why It's Important to Learn Japanese
Japan is an economically stable and technologically advanced country. It is one of the leading countries of the world with the biggest number of online users.
By Sean Goudelock
Learn Hindi, The Language of the Exotic Land
Hindi is an exotic language of the exotic land, India. Anybody will start loving this country at first sight. Learning it is difficult but not impossible. The main point is...
By Sean Goudelock
Learn English Online - Present Tense Verb Conjucations
English is still the lingua franca of the world. Whether you are doing business in South America or in living in Asia learning English is a critical part of of daily life.
By Raymond Blakney
Online English Lessons - Types of English Verbs
English is one of the most useful languages in the world. It is the most widely spoken in the world of business, and the most useful for those people who want to travel. The key to learning English is understanding the verbs. But one mistake...
By Raymond Blakney
Avoid Being an Analog Communicator in a Digital World
Analog television is no more! Stations are now digital broadcasters. If you have an analog television you can no longer receive programming without a digital converter box, changing your television, or ordering a paid programming service.
By Sylvia Henderson
The Most Commonly Misspelled Words in English
In English there surely is a list of most commonly misspelled words. If you are looking for such words for the letters of the alphabet A, B, C and D then you surely have come to the right place.
By Rick Brady
English Pronunciation: The Role of Meaning
Pronunciation of words ending in "ate". You can find our other related articles in this same directory. In these articles we saw that verbs of two syllables often have the stress fall on the second syllable, while the related noun has the stress...
By Frank Gerace
Why You Should Learn Italian in Italy
There are many reasons why you should learn Italian in Italy, not the least of which is that you will learn how to speak Italian using the correct Italian accent, and even with a dialect of your choosing. Many people want to learn...
By C Hart
About the Word "vos" In Spanish Language
It's very common to hear Spanish speaking folks from South America use the word "vos", meaning "you" instead of "tu" or "usted", the most known uses for such a word The word "vos", which is...
By Alex Najarro
Learn Morse Code in 6 Easy Steps!
Created by Samuel Morse in 1844, Morse Code can be sent at great speeds over telegraphs. 166 years later, Morse Code is still used today - mainly by ham radio operators.
By Andrew Hallinan
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