Are You a Mom Going Back to College? - Here is What You Need to Know!

With the economy as it is, many moms want to upgrade their skills or start a new career altogether and increase their earning power. While contemplating which college to attend, many potential students forget to account for the unplanned tolls that going back to school may have on their families.

Successful completion of any higher education program, such as the Registered Nurse or Teaching credentials programs, at United States University (where I serve as Chief Operating Officer) often depend on the level of preparedness of the student.

Personal and professional growth is very rewarding. Below are some areas potential mom-students should plan for to ensure their educational journey is enriching and enjoyable.

1. Time with your child - isn't s/he the reason you are going through this? If you work and take night school, it means that you will not see your baby the whole day during the days you attend school. Make sure that your support system (family or friends) who care for the child in your absence are acceptable to your child and will adhere to your requests. Don't forget to plan to set aside time for homework, reading, clinical hours or internships. Make sure you allow yourself adequate time to spend with your child; you must maintain the bond between the two of you. Spending time with your child will help you reduce the stress that comes with school.

2. Your spouse - your spouse is bound to feel the burden at home. He is going to handle the household chores when you are at school. Make sure to give him the credit. It will make him support you in your journey, and help you attain your goals.

3. Money - it is not only your tuition and books anymore. If you commute to the institution, you have to account for gas or public transportation. Attending night school means that you will spend dinner time in class. My university has a student lounge that has a refrigerator and microwave whereas students can store and heat their dinner. But if your school does not, it means that you will have to spend money in the cafeteria every night you are at school, oh, and don't forget the coffee.

4. Debt - if you are like most adults going back to school, you are probably using financial aid to pay for your education. Although you do not have to start repaying your loans while still in school, you will have to once you graduate! Make sure to line up a promotion at your current place of employment or a good job once you graduate, the bills will start coming. You also need to talk to the financial aid office at your school to see if you qualify for any debt forgiveness program that will reduce your debt once you've graduated.

The above mentioned areas are should not discourage you from advancing your education. These are issues you most likely to encounter during your studies. The important thing is that you excel at your educational journey and grow professionally.

Tom Finaly is the Chief Operating Officer of United States University a regionally accredited university in National City, CA

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