10 Graduation Gifts For Your Graduate

The months of May and June are for graduation celebration and commencement exercises. Graduation represents completion of a stage of growth and accomplishment, and comes only a few times in our lives. It is a joyous gifting occasion, especially when the graduate is one of your family member or loved one. This article provides some graduation gift ideas below.

1. Graduation Gift Tower:

You can send a graduation gift tower which consists of three gift boxes stacked into the likeness of a graduate in a red gown and black cap. The gift boxes are filled with gourmet fruit and nut mixtures, caramel popcorn, and assorted toffees. Your graduate will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the set of gift boxes will be a keepsake for the event.

2. Graduation Owl:

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and is associated with studious scholars. The Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, is often shown holding an owl. It is no coincidence that the graduation owl is a popular graduation gift. Send your graduate your best wishes with a plush owl in a cap and hoots to the classic graduation march. It is a sure way to bring laughter to the recipient of this unique gift.

3. Congratulations Gift Basket:

To help celebrate this joyous occasion with friends and family, why not send a gift basket with a complete collection of party items. The gift is complete with multi-color balloons, party poppers, package of confetti, disposable camera, champagne bottle candle, festive snacks, Jordan almonds, gourmet caramel popcorn, white yogurt covered pretzels, chewy toffee candies and more. This gift provides all that is needed for a celebration party.

4. Shining Star Gift Basket:

To compliment the accomplishment of the graduate, make them feel like a shining star by sending them a glittering star gift container filled with scrumptious treats. Inside the container are chocolate cream filled water cookies, cheddar cheese pretzel sticks, Superstar snack mix, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, and almond vanilla cookies. Long after the treats are gone, the basket remains as a shiny reminder of your thoughtfulness on his/her graduation.

5. Gift Tower of Treats:

Send a stack of three attractive gift boxes filled with generous portions of bakery fresh pastry cookies, imported French chocolate truffles, and tasty gourmet popcorn. This delectable gift is a great way to say Congratulations to your graduate.

6. Traveling Gourmet Gift Basket:

Send your graduate a Travelling Gourmet Tower, a gift basket in 3 faux leather suitcases for gourmet treats on the go! The suitcases are filled with crackers, vanilla cream cocoa, sliced beef salami, honey sweet peanuts, Ghirardelli chocolate bar, chocolate chip cookies, almond toffee, buttery pretzels, garlic cheese spread, caramel corn, vanilla caramels, cheddar cheese pretzel sticks, and gourmet roast coffee. The recipient will love this unique gift long after the goodies are gone. The 3 suitcases will be great
for traveling for years to come.

7. Rose Bouquet:

Send a rose bouquet of gorgeous red roses which includes a decorative vase. This stunning array of beautiful and fragrant roses are wrapped in decorative floral paper with assorted filler greens in a sturdy white box. This gift is great for female graduates.

8. Book Lovers Gift Basket:

This gift comes in an antique wooden book end chest filled with almond toffee malt balls bag, chewy gourmet fudge brownies, California vanilla caramels, and Wolgang Puck gourmet coffee. It is a great gift for the recipient to enjoy during reading time. Barnes and Noble gift cards can be added in $15 or $25 denominations. The book worm in your life will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

9. Personalized Graduation Gifts:

Personalized gifts are great for celebration of significant milestone events. You can have the recipient's name and a personal message engraved on the gift. For your college graduate, some useful personalized gifts include a business card case, leather wallet with money clip, or silver cufflink. These are items that the graduate can actually use and will bring back fond memories whenever they look at the engraved message on the gift.

10. Personalized Graduation Picture Frame:

You can commemorate this special event with a personalized photo frame that has a bold caption for the occasion. You can also have the graduate's name and commencement date or a special message engraved on the photo frame. This should be a fitting gift to display the graduation photo so that this special event will be remembered forever.

In summary, graduation marks a significant milestone in our lives. Send a gift to your friends and loved ones who are graduating from college or school, to show them you are so proud of their accomplishment. You can send a graduation gift basket, plush owl, congratulation gift basket, shining star gift basket, rose bouquets, book lovers gift basket, or personalized graduation gifts. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered by the recipients whenever they look back at this joyous event.

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