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Animation plays a huge role in today's society with blockbuster movies, video games, and 3-D graphics. The chance to gain an education in animation is constantly growing with new technology providing the means for professionals to push the boundaries of technology capabilities. Online degree study is available from many accredited colleges and universities.

Educated individuals can perform multiple tasks within animation. Professional animators create special effects by using multimedia platforms to produce illustrations, graphic designs, digital designs, and motion graphics. Other areas of work include digital audio design and animation production. Work related activities are extremely diverse allowing students to work with a business on visual presentation or generating moving graphics on mobile phones. Gaining an online degree is beneficial because students do the majority of their professional work on a computer. Online study immerses students in the industry's software programs allowing them to be highly proficient and comfortable with the technology. Education programs cover foundational techniques to advanced procedures involved in creating animation.

Online study encompasses all these factors by providing students with the chance to enter programs from an associate's degree level to a PhD in animation. Undergraduate degrees are designed around teaching students how animation works and basic level principles for computer software use. Graduate degree programs dive into animation design through interactive programs and writing animation programs. A PhD is highly recommended for students who want to advance to the highest level of professional work as animators and professors. Certificate programs are a great choice for working professionals to learn the latest technology developments in a particular aspect such as 3-D animation.

Students should consider pursuing a bachelor's degree, as this is the standard requirement for employment in this field. A typical four-year program should offer students specific knowledge in drawing, coloring, character modeling, and graphic designs. Online study is excellent because students learn by doing in courses like multimedia composition, video animation, and model design. The goal of education is to prepare students with the correct knowledge to bring life like qualities to visual effects. This can be learned in either 2-D courses or 3-D courses. Learning specific techniques on how to draw anatomy like skin, muscles, and physical features are taught to develop the range of skill students need to have when stepping out into a career.

A specialized certificate is a great way for animation graduates to revisit a subject that has undergone technological advances. The goal of a specialized certificate program is to teach students how to create complex characters through the use of texturing, lighting, and modeling. Curriculum can include 3-D modeling for games and movies or focus specifically on one area. For example, in a video game certificate program students learn how to design visual effects through every aspect of the game from storyboarding to editing. Certificate programs can be short or long and can last up to a year depending on what the curriculum is teaching.

Keeping up with technology is the only way to stay competitive in this field. Professionals must constantly learn and adapt to new technology. This constant state of change creates an exciting atmosphere to work in. Locate accredited schools and colleges online offering animation education and enroll in a program today that fits your career aspirations.

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