The Do's and Don'ts of Eating in Fancy Restaurants

If you do not usually eat at fancy restaurants but a special gathering force you to, it is time to start to learn proper dinner table etiquette to avoid suffering from social embarrassment. Though learning how to eat in five-star restaurants may seem complicated, the truth is, all the rules are based on simple table manners that are practiced in normal eating. To begin with, some of the simple regulations when invited to eat on classy restaurants is to respond to the invitation within a week after the invitation is sent. Observe what is indicated with the dress code if there is any. Also, being late is a mortal sin in fancy eating. If you plan to bring another guest with you as your date, ask the permission of the host first since fancy restaurants usually operate in reservation status and your guest may end up getting another seat intended for a legal visitor.

Now for the actual dining, once you are already seated, carefully unfold the napkin provided to you and use it occasionally for wiping your fingers and lips. The moment food is served it is a requirement that when passing food to people you have to start passing the food in a clockwise direction. While eating, simply rest the fork and knife on either side of the plate in between mouthfuls of food. Once done, arrange the utensils in the centre of the plate side by side.

If you do not like the food served to you, be polite and try to eat small amounts of it. If you cannot really tolerate the taste, then simply cut the food a little and move it around the plate after a new meal had been served. In five-star restaurants, one of the most important essentials in eating is the diner's ability to exude poise while finishing his meal. If you feel you had enough of the food, simply leave them on one side of the plate. Also, no matter how delicious the food is, you can be viewed as a social joke if you leave your plate clean as if you haven't eaten for years. Thus, one trick to do is to try to eat equal amounts of each course served so that you can feel full while still leaving appropriate amounts of food on your plate.

Utensils that are used for desserts can either be spoon or fork but basically, a fork is more preferred for desserts like pastries and cakes. Forks should also not be left turned over except if they are being used for courses with sweet corn kernels, rice, or peas. Also in fine dining, wine is served for every course of food. However, it is considered unethical for a diner to finish each wine of glass given to him. Moreover, if ever one of the ladies of the table wishes to be excused for the powder room, the men should stand up as she leaves, sit down, and stand up again once she returns.

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