The Hippie Lifestyle - Why it Still is Relevant?

The 1960s was the period when the Hippie subculture started as a youth movement in the United States and quickly began to symbolize the disaffection of the youth with accepted social values of the time. Hippies had a lifestyle all of their own and they had a very distinct fashion sense and musical taste. While the hippie subculture was greatly associated with sexual liberation and copious use of drugs, there was more to it than just that.

The hippie culture had a lot of negative connotations that did great injustice to this group's contribution to society as social activists who helped contribute to individual liberties. The hippie culture was well known for its fierce defense of the individual to live life according to her or her design. This is possibly one reason for there being a lingering interest in this culture long after its heyday has passed. The other reason, which no body will dispute, is that the music produced during this period was like nothing other and it has endured to this very day because of its intrinsic value.

There is a resurgence of interest in the hippie lifestyle and this has lead to many references to it in popular culture. There has been more than one movie that is based on the hippies of the 1960s and they have been well received at the box office. Colorful hippy fashions with their signature psychedelic or tie and dye prints keep coming back into fashion, and the bell bottom jean has a rebirth in the modern boot cut jean.

There is starting to be a reaction to the extremely consumerist lifestyle of today, and people are getting genuinely afraid for their future. Given the speed at which the planet is getting despoiled due to rampant industrialization and unchecked development, this is hardly something for one to be surprised about.

The hippie philosophies of peace, love and universal brotherhood is something that is becoming increasingly relevant in today's strife torn world. Let's not forget that hippies were already responsible for bringing down the barriers between the various races that comprise a multi cultural society.

Many aspects of the hippy lifestyle are still present in society today and they are growing in popularity. One of these is vegetarianism. Another manifestation of the espousal of hippy beliefs is political activism, most commonly shown as support for green parties. Hippy concepts such as holistic medicine and health food are getting increasingly widely held because people are beginning to realize that they cannot hope to cure any ailment without first addressing the cause of it. Hippies were the first people in the developed world to highlight the sorry state of the environment.

We cannot afford to let go of the so called hippy ideas of peace and a respect for the freedom of others and a deep regard for the Earth. Only if we have tolerance for the ideas of others will we be able to ensure that our planet is not heading for certain doom.

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