Tips to Prepare For Movers

Have you hired movers to help you relocate to your new home? If the answer to this question is yes, then chances are you will have much to do to prepare your home before the movers arrive and begin packing and loading your belongings. While the movers will be able to handle almost everything from organizing your belongings to unpacking them at your new place, you can help expedite the entire moving process - and start getting comfortable in your new home even sooner - if you start handling some of the preparations now.

Tag Items and Plan Where They Will Go in Your New Home

One of the most challenging parts of moving into a new home is deciding where you will be putting all of your belongings. If you haven't already thought about this, you may want to start doing so now. After all, if the movers don't know where they will be placing your new items one they are delivered to your new address, then you may find yourself flustered as you need to start deciding impromptu where everything will be going once it arrives at your home. Not only could this cause added stress on your part, but you may also end up paying extra labor fees that you would not have had to pay out if you had a furniture layout already planned to begin with. To prevent this situation from happening during your move, make a list of the items you have and assign a number to each piece. Then, on another piece of paper, draw a layout of where each piece will go in your new home, indicating on the plan the identifying number of each furnishing. In a similar fashion, tag each piece of furniture with the number that it was assigned in both the list and on the layout.

Clear Wide Paths in Your Home for the Movers

When you're preparing to move, you may find yourself strewing your belongings everywhere as you sort through them and begin the process of eliminating what you don't need and packing away what you do. It's important to make sure these messes are cleaned before the movers arrive though, since they will need plenty of room to move around in your home and carry out large pieces, such as couches, TVs, and beds. The last thing you want is a situation where the movers are having to step around or over your belongings. Not only might something get broken this way by getting accidentally stepped on, but a mover might trip over items that are left along a main walkway.

Pack Your Personal Items

Your movers can pack almost everything you own, but there are some things you will want to pack on your own so they are handy when you need them during the moving process. These include a few changes of clothes, toiletries, insurance policies and financial records, blankets and sheets, and any other items pertaining to your unique needs.

Arrange Sitters for Your Children or Pets

Little feet surely can be cute, but they can also get into big trouble during a move! Whether it's a curious toddler wandering around your home while the movers are packing and loading your belongings or an inquisitive kitty that keeps jumping into open moving cartons, children and pets may wind up getting hurt if they're in your home on moving day. So, do them a favor and arrange a sitter to take care of your kids or pets, off-site, during moving day.

Along with these suggestions, be sure to find out from your movers what else they recommend in the case of your specific project to ensure that your home is ready for moving day. With all the preparations made, moving day can be an exciting event that takes place with minimum stress and maximum success.

Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez is a professional writer who has years of experience writing about the moving industry.

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