Moving House: What to Do and When

Moving can be a stressful time. Organizing your move can reduce the stress and make your move more pleasant. Arrange to have your electric power and other utilities disconnected and transferred to your new home. Organize all your possessions in to neatly labeled boxes. Take one last look around the old place. Call the movers and then sit back, relax and get ready for your new home!

You've finally managed to save enough money to be able to move out of your small one bedroom flat on the outskirts of London in to a brand new three bedroom house in the country. The closing is only two weeks away and it is time to prepare for the move. What should you do?

First thing to do is not panic. Take a step by step approach to make your move a good experience. There are three basic steps to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your move. First you will need to notify a bunch of people and companies. Second, you will need to pack up all of your possessions. Finally, you will need to call a moving company.

Before you leave your old home and move in to your new one, you will need to tidy up your affairs. Call your power company and have them disconnect your power on the day you are leaving. Do the same with your telephone company, cable company and all other companies that provided services at your old home. If you are moving locally and will continue to use the same companies for your utilities and other services, make arrangements with them to connect your new home and transfer your account. Also, unless you are trying to hideout from the world, have the courtesy to inform friends and family of your new address and contact information.

Packing your things is the next step. Before you do anything, it might be wise to get rid of any things you no longer want or need. You might have a sale or just donate them to a local church or charity. Gather a bunch of boxes by either going around to local shops and asking for their discarded boxes or going to a retail store to purchase new boxes which you can assemble yourself. Moving companies and self storage warehouses usually are good sources for new boxes. Now that you've got your boxes, get yourself some paper and a pen to make an inventory list. Number and label each box according to where it is going. For examples, dishes and silverware might be labeled 'box 1 - kitchen' and items that go in your master bedroom would be labeled 'box 25 - master bedroom'. Do this for all your items, making sure to write it on each box and also on your list.

Finally, call the moving company and arrange for them to be at your old house at a certain time and day. Once they have everything on the truck, lock the door and don't look back!

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