Removalists - Tips For Your Moving House Checklist

Developing a moving house checklist is the first thing you should do so that you can keep track of all the tasks essential to a well organised move. The actual moving process should begin a few days prior to moving day and the following tips will help you develop all the last minute tasks necessary for a successful move.

Prior to packing your belongings:

* Defrost your refrigerator and freezer and drain the water hoses. Leave the doors open for a couple of days prior to packing to release any moisture that might still be in the appliance.

* It is not possible to carry gas cylinders, unless they have been professionally purged.

* Check that you do not have any library books or stray videos from your local video store. Packing these for long distance travel might cost some money later on. Importantly, check your DVD/VCR players and game consoles.

* Always put aside in a safe place those items that you will need for travel so that nothing is accidentally packed. For example: keys, passports and travel documents.

* Consider your children on packing day. With all the things you have to do and the many removalists in your home, not having to worry about the kids is especially helpful. Arrange for a relative or someone else to look after your kids on packing day.

* Make sure that you understand all the quarantine requirements of your destination. To be safe however, wash items that might need quarantine such as mowers, garden tools, golf equipment, bicycles and your BBQ.

* If you are transporting computer equipment, lock down your hard disk if necessary, but also remove all the ink cartridges from your printer.

* Dangerous goods cannot be stored or transported. For example ammunition, cans of paint, gas cylinders (unless empty), bleach products, linseed oil, kerosene, petrol, cleaning fluid, aerosols, vegetable oils, batteries, charcoal, matches and lighters are all prohibited items.

A few don'ts

* Don't forget to detail high value items (antiques, paintings) for packaging and transit protection insurance.

* Don't put breakable items in drawers.

* Don't put liquids in drawers (e.g. sauce bottles, perfume) as they can move around and be broken.

* Don't overload furniture with too many items by placing goods in the drawers.

* Don't store perishable foods such as cereals, flour.

* Don't polish furniture before wrapping - polishing surface can cause furniture to condensate when wrapped.

* Don't store or transport jewelry, money, legal documents, passport, taxation papers, insurance policies and other high value/irreplaceable items. Take them with you and keep them close at hand.

* Don't forget to check your home for any belongings the crew may have left behind. Do this before they lock the doors of your van or container and leave.

The night before:

* If possible, turn off all air conditioners and use them only if necessary during the packing. Furniture kept in a constantly cooled climate may condensate when suddenly exposed to hot air. Allowing your furniture to adapt to the hot air can be helpful in eliminating moisture problem during transit.

* Pack you suitcases and move them (with other valuables) to a safe place such as a neighbour's home. This will prevent them from being accidentally packed.

* Put your personal telephone and address book with your carry on luggage if flying. You may want to get in touch with people quickly on arrival.

* Dispose of all flammables, dangerous and hazardous materials - throw away or give away bottles of nail polish and liquids in glass bottles.

* Place keys to your house and car in a safe location.

Remember: Planning well, being organised and having a moving house checklist that has all the tasks that you need to accomplish will ensure that not only is your move successful, but it will be as stress free and as hassle free as possible.

Craig Page has over 25 years experience with Crown Relocations. Crown are removalists specialising in international and interstate removals. Developing a moving house checklist will help make your move easier.

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