How to Make Moving House Easier

Need tips and tricks for making household moving easier and more efficient? A smooth move starts with good planning and organisation. Learn how to properly pack cartons, large and small for even weight distribution. Avoid pitfalls like mould on textiles and bottomless cardboard cartons. These tips make moving house a faster and less stressful, or hire a professional moving service to pack items for you.

Packing is just the beginning of the long and dreadful process of moving. When the process in completed in the correct order, using the proper materials, packing, moving, and unpacking are easy.

Start by selecting a room in the house, preferably near a door, that can be used to store boxes as they are filled. Clear the furniture and make room for boxes to be stacked. Picking a room by the door is helpful, so the boxes only need to be moved once on their way to the moving vehicle. Begin by packing items that are not used very often, like books, magazines, and board games. Since these items are heavy and stack together very well pack them in small boxes that are easy to move. Start with one room, or one type of item, to make the process more manageable. Save essential everyday items for last.

Using the right boxes and packing materials make every part of the moving process easier. Avoid using carrier bags and bin liners, these types of plastic bags are prone to rips and tears and they trap in moisture that causes mould. Textiles should always be stored and moved in cartons, instead of plastic, because cardboard doesn't trap moisture.

Instead of picking up wine cartons and reusing thin cardboard boxes, purchase heavy-duty cartons intended for moving. There's nothing worse than having the bottom of carton drop out, spilling the contents onto the street, or worse, damaging a sentimental item. Use several sizes of cartons, so things can be packed in a weight and size appropriate manner.

Consider the weight of items, before filling up a carton. The maximum weight for a large carton to be comfortably lifted is 20 kilos; about the weight of fully loaded piece of luggage. Use large boxes for lightweight items like, clothing textiles, and bedding. Crockery is fairy lightweight and doesn't stack very well, so kitchen items can also go in large boxes.

Professional moving companies offer packing services with advanced notice. A team of trained professionals will pack your items, while you are at work, making sure all of your items safely packed and ready to go. Moving companies also provide high-quality packing supplies, bubble wrap, and heavy-duty cartons for an additional fee. These professionals are trained to give accurate estimates based on the numbers of rooms in the home and the amount and type of furniture.

Make a packing kit that includes large permanent markers, packing tape, and labels, to efficiently mark cartons. Always label cartons with their contents and where they will be going in the new location.

Bubble wrap is the best protection for fragile items. Wrap mirrors, hanging pictures, flat screen TVs and computer monitors with bubble wrap for a safe transit.

Protecting fragile items during the packing process is the easiest way to ensure a worry-free move. Wrap all fragile items, like crystal and dishes, individually, using white paper. Protect table legs and furniture by wrapping with corrugated cardboard.

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