Should You Collect a Security Deposit?
One possibly will believe you are doing business to the very next incarnation of Ghandi, however now and again even the greatest building manager gets tricked every so often, you will come upon a person that does not take charge of their dwelling...
By Stirling G. Gardner
Two Mistakes to Avoid as a New Landlord
The fundamental point you have to realize is that investors that are fresh to the apartment management industry (read: Landlord) fail in the 1st 12 months. Being a building manager is simple; it is emphatically not effortless. You must do the...
By Stirling G. Gardner
An Explanation Of The Eviction Notice To Quit
The eviction notice to quit is one of the first steps a landlord uses to force the removal of a tenant from a rental. This notice is given to the renter prior to any lawsuit. The wording and form of the letter and the specific time parameters...
By Harry Carr