The Pros and Cons of Getting a Roommate to Split Rental Costs

Living by yourself if you're renting an apartment is great. But you might want to consider getting a roommate to save up on rental costs and even help you pay for utilities. There can be many trade offs, though, if you have someone who rent a room in your flat or apartment. You won't have that much privacy, for instance. Or you might end up not getting along with your roommate. Read the following pros and cons before you decide to get a roommate or a flat mate to share rental costs.


* You spend only half of your rental costs. If you get a roommate, you split on rent. You can even share on the cost of your electricity, water and even your groceries. This way, you can save more money for important things like tuition, college or even a car.

* A roommate can help you with chores. Getting another person to rent a room with you can ease the burden of daily chores. You can draw up a cleaning schedule that you and your roommate can follow. This way, each of you can take turns washing dishes, cooking and cleaning in your flat.

* You can afford additional luxuries for your flat. Both of you share rental costs and you can also share expenses. You can split the monthly cost of cable TV, for instance. Or you can both buy a nicer sofa or even Internet connection.

* Your roommate can become someone you confide in. It gets lonely if you are leasing an apartment by yourself. If you have a roommate, you have a friend you can rely on. You don't have to carry the burdens of your problems by yourself. You can even ask him for advice on personal matters.


* You will have to give up your privacy. If you are someone who values space and privacy, then maybe getting a roommate is not for you. This is especially true if you are renting a small flat. There may be days when you want to be alone. This will become harder to do if you have a roommate.

* You might end up arguing with your flat mate or roommate a lot. A lot of things can ignite arguments, even if both of you are good friends. Things like household chores, utility bills and even rent can create tension. Some might even be behind in paying their share for the rental costs.

* Your roommate might start borrowing your things without permission. Most flat mates or roommates feel comfortable enough to borrow your things without asking. This can become habitual and can be very annoying, especially if he or she don't return your items.

* You might have a lot of unwanted guests who come and go. Your roommate or flat mate might invite his friends often. This results in noisy parties or chaos. Some of her or his guests might even start living in your flat.

Getting a roommate or a flat mate can be a practical decision. You can save on rental costs and even share chores with him. But it's important to screen potential roommates, set ground rules and be firm about these rules if you decide to get one.

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