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What's in a Name? Realtor and Real Estate Agent
"What's in a name?" asked the Bard. "That which we call a rose/by any other name would smell as sweet." Many neophytes and laymen are often confused by the difference between a realtor and a real estate agent, and often confound the two...
By Barbra I. Miller
8 Types of Building Materials
When you think of building materials, don't confuse yourself with building products. These are two different things altogether. Building products are...
By Phil Sanders
New Stair Construction Building Codes and Tougher 2009 Code Enforcement Laws- What You Need to Know
The construction industry is entering a time of rapid change. New and existing codes relating to stair construction safety are now being enforced. Since safety will no longer be compromised, deck builders will have to confront the age old problem...
By Richard Truckner
Ways to Check Up on Your Builders
It is every man or woman's dream to build their dream house and finding the right builders to do the job. Whilst many might wish to have the means to build the houses themselves, not everyone gets their wish to do so.
By Miles Turner
How to Get Your Real Estate License
People from all over the country are trying to find new jobs and new ways to earn extra money. If you are having a hard time supporting your family, you might want to switch careers. If you can, look into how to get your real estate license.
By Amy Nutt
The Home Inspection - Knowing What to Expect
If you're buying or selling a home, it's essential to have the home inspected by a qualified home inspector. Your home inspector will examine the house from top to bottom, inside and out, and give you a report on the condition of the home to...
By David Haigh
Easy Ways To Earn Money In Real Estate Business
One of the most basic needs of an individual is to have a home in which he can dwell in. The task therefore, of a real-estate agent, is to lead that person to a particular home which is his ideal place to live in.
By Tara Millar
Turn Your Single Family Home Into A Legal Multi Family Home
Will it really be legal? I've heard this question asked hundreds of times, yet in my concrete cutting business, one that is crucial in the conversion process, I have seen it done hundreds of times. How you may ask? It's actually not any more...
By Robert Short