Difference Between a Pre Qualification and Pre Approval
What is Pre Approval Versus Pre Qualification? One of the most important steps that you will need to take to purchase a new home is to obtain financing for the purchase. Whether you are working with a mortgage broker or your local bank, you will...
By Preston Guyton
Several Tips For a Successful Home Mortgage
When it is time to apply for a home mortgage, this process can certainly be overwhelming. A home loan will probably be the biggest debt of your life. This face in itself may be hard to digest. So, too, is the process of getting all of your...
By Peter Skonctueht
What is a Lien? Understanding Mortgages
When discussing mortgages, one term that often arises is "lien." A mortgage is not a loan, but a lien on the property that keeps the loan secure. It is important to understand this confusing term in order to properly understand...
By Veronica Carrillo
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