Financing Home Improvement Expenses
You have home improvement plans but you just cannot seem to find the right budget scheme to be able to finance a few works around the house. This scenario is not rare as more and more people have to put up their homes for sale due to the recent...
By Richard C. Mckeown
Surprising Real Estate Mortgage News
A recent survey indicated that delinquencies are down just when they should have gone up, even during prosperous times. Is this the beginning of the long-awaited recovery?
By Barbra I. Miller
Are Fixed Rate Home Loans a Good Idea?
The question of whether to get a fixed rate or a variable rate loan is always a vexing question. Should I fix or not? Should I get a fixed rate for three years or five years? Maybe 10 years?
By Mark Cunningham
HECM Counseling Certificates Could Be Given Despite Lack of Understanding
HECM counseling is a requirement that applicants must fulfill before they can take out a reverse mortgage. The purpose of this counseling session, which can be completed either face to face or over the phone, is to ensure that potential revere...
By Victoria Belle-Miller
VA Loans Appeal to More and More Veterans and Service Members
In a fluctuating housing market where interest rates are never guaranteed, VA loans offer low interest rates and other great benefits to qualified borrowers and homeowners. This type of financing is exclusively available to veterans and men and...
By Victoria Belle-Miller
Are FHA Loans the Replacement For Subprime Mortgage Lending?
The story of the collapse of the housing market is familiar to every American. How too many people took out subprime mortgages that they could not afford, and when home prices fell and adjustable interest rates rose millions of homeowners were...
By Max Fischer
Increase in Strategic Defaults Has Negative Implications
The popular news show 60 Minutes recently aired a news segment that brought to light a phenomenon that is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly more common. The number of homeowners who are purposely defaulting on their mortgages as a last resort...
By Victoria Belle-Miller
VA Purchase Loans: Why a Condo Might be Better
Often, when prospective home buyers are searching for a house, they do not consider looking into a condominium. A condominium can have many beneficial aspects that a homeowner may have never considered. If the prospective home buyer is a veteran...
By Victoria Belle-Miller
Use an FHA Loan to Buy Your Dream Home!
Many soon-to-be home buyers on the house hunt have to keep costs in mind when considering what type of home they are searching for. Some of these costs include monthly mortgage payments and the initial down payment.
By Victoria Belle-Miller
Government Takes Steps Toward Preventing Reverse Mortgage Fraud
More homeowners ages 62 and older are starting to take advantage of the multiple benefits a reverse mortgage has to offer them, including the elimination of monthly mortgage payments and access to their home equity. Unfortunately, as these loans...
By Victoria Belle-Miller
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