Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) - Why Would You Need It?
If you're taking a home loan to buy a property, chances are: you'll be required to pay for Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance, or MRTA, by the bank as part of your loan arrangement. And if you're one the tens of thousands of first-time home buyers...
By Ching Wei Lee
5 Things That Affect Your Housing Loan Interest Rate
There are a number of factors that could influence the interest rate on your home loan. Some are external factors (e.g. the state of the economy) which are beyond your control, while others (e.g. your credit score) you may have some influence over.
By Ching Wei Lee
3 Wrong Reasons to Refinance Your Home Loan
Refinancing is a great way to adjust the terms of your home loan to better suit your current financial needs. But if you do it for the wrong reasons, home loan refinancing could end up causing more harm than good to your long-term wealth strategy.
By Ching Wei Lee
Home Equity: How to Free Up Funds from the Properties You Have (Without Selling Them)
If you've been shopping around for a home loan, you may have come across loan packages that apparently allow you to free up cash by "unlocking your home equity". For the experienced investors, this is a concept that needs little introduction.
By Ching Wei Lee
The Budget Considerations When Buying a Home
When looking to buy a home you'll have many budget considerations Your first concern will be how much debt you have
By Bruce Swedal
Loan Requirements For First Time Home Owners
Home ownership is a big step, and just like other life accomplishments, it's important that you educate yourself so you can discover all the big and little surprises before they discover you. So you're looking to buy your first home and you need...
By Bruce Swedal
What Property Buyers Need to Know About Securing a Mortgage?
Before you embark down the path of purchasing a property, one of the major obstacles you are likely to face will be securing a mortgage. It is essential that you are fully informed throughout this process and arm yourself with as much knowledge as...
By David Tomlins
A Few Minutes Could Save You Thousands on Your Refinance
With interest rates at historic lows, homeowners across America are refinancing their home mortgage loans. By refinancing into a lower interest rate, they expect to save thousands of dollars over the life of their new mortgage loan. But how do you...
By Max Fischer
Negotiating Terms of Home Equity Lines of Credit
There are many ways to refinance your mortgage and one of them is the home equity lines of credit. You probably did not know that if you have been paying on your home for more than just a few years, you probably have a lot of money that you...
By Sean A. Kelly
The Best Times For Home Mortgage Refinancing
Getting your first mortgage might have caused you to go through many sleepless nights and endless debates deciding on the best rates, best lender, best deal and even best mortgage program. Once you've followed through with your plans and...
By Sean A. Kelly
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