Don't Forget About the Bathrooms

When I am looking at a house to buy, I don't really care how regal the bathrooms are. I only care that there are at least two and a half bathrooms in the house. I don't want to fight over available toilets. For me, there should be one bathroom for every two people in the house.

My wife is an entirely different story. The bathroom for appearance is scrutinized. A bathroom area that does not look clean and crisp will ruin a home. She can like everything about the house. A bad bathroom means no offer pending or a bathroom remodel is in the works. For some reason a large bathroom for the master bedroom is a must. The shower and the bathtub have to be separate. The bathtub has to be large enough to take a nice bath while having room for flowers and candles.

There needs to be enough cabinet space to hold every type of lotion, soap, shampoo, and perfume available along with 24 rolls of toilet paper. What ends up happening is that our supplies get lost in the cabinets because there is too much space. Instead of finding the soap, we go to the store and buy more soap. The preference for toilet is behind closed doors. The sole purpose of this is to allow other people to use the bathroom. It has nothing to do with privacy.

To me, the more cabinet space we have, the more mess we have. A lot of supplies end up getting lost. It should not take 3 hours to find a band aid. I am the neat and clean one so I am all for a bathroom having space. It just needs to be kept neat and organized.

We have not remodeled any bathrooms to date. When we walk through a home to buy, nice bathrooms can make or break a deal. If we are looking for a home to rent until we buy, this view of bathrooms goes away. All we care about is having enough of them. If you want to see a bathroom get messy fast, get a home with small bathrooms with limited cabinet space. Your holding area for soap, toothpaste, lotion, and shampoo becomes the counter top. The product ends up on the floor. This is why I leave this all to the wife. It is just a bathroom.

The kitchen was not as big a fuss. I enjoy cooking a little more than my wife. For me, I just wanted some higher end appliances. We definitely need a double oven so our food doesn't have to wait in line to be cooked. If our island was a little bit bigger we could eat in the kitchen if we wanted to which would be pretty cool to me. It would also be nice if the utensils and pans could safely hang from the ceiling. Then our kitchen would start looking like a chefs kitchen.

I am not the bathroom guy. I do like to see clean counter tops.

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