Apartment or House: Which One is Right For You?

Thinking of buying property but are unsure if you should go for an apartment or house? Here are some advantage and disadvantages of both these property options to help you choose which one is right for you:

Advantage of Apartment Living

Low Maintenance

One of the most obvious advantages of living in an apartment is the fact that the maintenance is relatively low compared to living in a house. First of all, most apartments do not have a garden or yard and should there be access to a pool or outdoor area, it is usually taken care of by a property management company or caretaker. Not being responsible for the maintenance of these areas make an owner's job a lot easier.

Low Cost

Apartments are usually cheaper than homes, depending on location of course. This makes apartments more affordable to newly weds and young couples as well as retirees.

Ideal Location

Apartment buildings are often found in the best locations i.e. close to the city center, public transport, shopping centers and entertainment. Houses on the other hand are more often found in suburbs on the outskirts of the city. This means that you have longer commutes to work and/or shopping centers, cinemas etc.

Disadvantages of Apartment Living

Privacy Issues

It is a fact that when you live close to others, your privacy is somewhat effected. Some people enjoy living close to others and therefore quickly establish close relationships with neighbors. If you however prefer to keep to yourself, you might want to move into a house.


Noisy neighbors, broken lifts, parking issues are only some of the inconveniences experience by those living in apartments. Although these issues can easily be dealt with, it does cause a considerable amount of irritation.

Spatial Limitations

If you are thinking of starting a family, you have to take in consideration that an apartment cannot be extended like a house. You have to deal with the space you have or move to a bigger home. In some cases people have renovated and extended apartments but this costs a lot more than improving houses.

Advantages of Living in a House

Exclusive Use of Features

If you move into a house with features like a pool, outdoor area, garage or parking area, you have exclusive use of these facilities. It is up to you to use, change or remove it as you please.

Freedom & Privacy

When you live in a house you have complete freedom of what you do. You can keep as many pets as you want and you can play loud music whenever you want. You do not have to obey by the rules of an apartment block. You also have the privacy that you lack when living in an apartment.

Spacious Areas

Houses are in most cases more spacious than apartments. This makes it a perfect choice for those who have children or need a lot of space. Big families often choose to live in houses for this reason.

Disadvantages of Living in a House

High Maintenance

Maintaining a house with a yard or out door area is a lot of effort. The garden needs attention, the lawn needs to be mowed, pool needs to be clean etc. For some people this is not a task but rather a pleasure as they enjoy working in the garden. If you are not one of them, be prepared to pay for a gardening service.

High Expenses

Apart from the fact that houses are usually more expensive than apartments, your utility bills will probably be more as well. Maintaining your house will also cost a lot more so be prepare for the expenses.

Security Issues

Living in an apartment is often saver than living in a house as security is usually part of the deal. A house owners need to implement their own security systems.

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