The Separate But Equal Theory of Consciousness

Before diving into the "separate but equal theory of consciousness," I must present a few basic ideas regarding the Creator. Presenting these concepts will help clear a path for a better understanding of "separate but equal" in terms of metaphysics.

Those of you who are familiar with new age concepts, you may recall the term "oneness." Oneness implies that we as humans are one with God. God is in us and we are in him. Each one of us IS God. This is not just a new age concept however. In philosophy oneness is known as pantheism. God is in all things.

Another important concept to consider is the idea that the many spirits which comprise God are gender neutral. In effect, God is genderless. In the mixed principles of metaphysics and mysticism the soul only assumes a gender during its incarnations. Gender is a manifestation of the physical world. On rare occasions spirits will assume their former gender and personality when appearing to friends and relatives. This does not mean the soul is of either sex. Nor should God be labeled according to gender. The designation as "God our Father" is incorrect when put into this context.

The last concept I must cover is a process a spirit undergoes called "splitting." Under all of its physical and etheric coverings, humans are nothing more than pure consciousness. Consciousness has no body. It has nothing by which to identify it. Consciousness is awareness. Where consciousness focuses is where it exists. Consciousness has no boundaries. It is infinite. Therefore consciousness has the ability to split itself endlessly. This is how new personalities are born into the world. A past life personality will create from it a brand new personality to be used in its next incarnation. This ties into the oneness idea.

Based on the above concepts it is easy to see that we are unique individuals and yet our essence makes us indistinguishable. We are separate from each other and yet the same. What are the ramifications of this esoteric knowledge? Can anything useful come from it? Possibly. For one, it means that on a spiritual level we are all equal. Only in this life do we grant status to one another. In the afterlife, the labels rich or poor, ignorant or intelligent, lower class and upper, have no meaning. Let me give you can example, Michael Jackson the late music performer, was called the "king of pop." He accomplished things in music that made him an icon. On the other side however, I am sure he discovered that his Earthly status is of no consequence.

You see, we originate from the same place. While each person is special, we are all the same. This information may be refreshing to some, while to others it may be devastating. For the most part, this revelation will change nothing since we are obligated to play out our roles while we are alive. It will take many years before we learn to put our roles into perspective. While we should take our responsibilities seriously we should not get so caught up in our roles that we lose sight our true nature. No one is better than anyone else. All of our roles are important and each of us contributes to the master plan.

David Almeida is a long-time metaphysicist. He has studied Rosicrucian philosophy and esoteric knowledge for several decades. David has earned the title of certified hypnotist and Reiki healer. He is also the author of Illusion of the Body: Introducing the Body Alive Principle - - We are all meant to achieve greatness

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