A Global Vision: The New Healing of Humanity

The New Shift: Adding A New Dimension To Conscious Awareness

There is nothing new about human consciousness awakening and evolving. There is a new shift that human consciousness is taking right now. This new evolutionary step is an expansion of human consciousness.

Think about expanding beyond 3rd dimensional physical awareness, and 4th dimensional emotional/mental awareness.

This new step is about expanding into a new 5th dimensional subtle awareness of the divine higher consciousness.

A Nonduality State Of Consciousness

With this new evolutionary shift in awareness, human consciousness moves beyond the primal instincts of survival, beyond fear-based levels of action/reaction, and beyond the mental dynamics of power/control.

Human consciousness expands beyond dualistic thought, rule based definition, and system based interpretation.

Human consciousness steps into a new state of divine nonduality consciousness.

From this new expanded awareness there is a new divine perspective from which to sense, know, and experience reality.

A New Level Of Divine Awareness

Think of the past few thousand years of mental development. Consciousness expands beyond basic primal urges.

Complex systems, rules, and roles are created to structure human actions and primal reactions. The mental consciousness develops ways to interpret, define, regulate, and control life.

Today human consciousness goes beyond the primal, beyond the mental, and into a new state of divine awareness. Expanding into divine awareness does not mean there is an abandoning of the other aspects of self.

Divine awareness is simply an expanding of awareness beyond any previous limits of body, emotion, and mind. Divine awareness works with, and is the next step in the expansion of, the consciousness of the physical, emotional, and mental processes.

A True Evolutionary Process

There have been eons of primal development.

There have been thousands of years of expanding, evolving, and developing mental consciousness to organize, structure, and manage reality.

And throughout history there have been instances of individuals who have gone beyond the mind to sense and awaken to the divine uniquely; but, the divine has been seen as something that only a select few can experience.

The new shift today is about the evolution of awareness of the divine for all people.

The new shift today is about the evolution of awareness of the divine for each aspect of each person: physical, emotional, and mental.

Personal Awakening To One's Own Unique Spirit Essence

The new shift today is also about awakening to the reality that each person is a divine being.

Each person can awaken to and acknowledge the unique divine spirit self, within his or her own unique physical, emotional, and mental reality.

Awakening And Integrating Takes Time

Personally awakening to the divine, and personally awakening to the spirit self is a process of awakening to and then integrating a new divine reality into one's current physical, emotional, and mental paradigm.

This evolutionary process takes time.

Spiritual awakening can be instant.

Integrating the information that comes from the divine takes time.

It takes time for individuals to adapt to the pure wisdom, love, and light that is the individual divine spirit self.

It takes time for the masses to adapt to the pure wisdom, love, and light from the higher divine realms.

It takes time for individuals and the masses to integrate divine wisdom, love, and light into the existing physical, emotional, and mental systems.

The new divine awakening and integration process is happening now.

It will take time for the world to fully adapt to the new divine information coming into human consciousness now.

Notice The Changes Happening Today

Higher frequency downloads of divine wisdom, love, and light are pulsing into the human consciousness at increasing rates. These downloads are creating new divine experiences and creating specific divine awakenings within people all around the globe at increasing rates.

Current technology allows the new divine information and awareness about divine awakenings to spread around the globe to the masses in amazing new ways.

Think about all the new books, television shows, radio programs, online social media dialogues, local workshops, and organized gatherings; all sharing unique stories of individual awakenings and bringing unique new levels of divine information into the world.

The new divine energy and the new divine awakenings spreading across the globe are creating a speeding up of the awakening process, and creating an acceleration of the evolutionary shift within human consciousness.

Individuals are awakening in large numbers.

Groups systems are being impacted on all levels.

Societies are transforming around the globe.

The mass consciousness is truly beginning to awaken and evolve.

The Future

Notice a shift as more and more individuals and groups move from fear to love.

Notice a shift as individuals and groups move from power and control ( guided by strict rules, roles, and structured systems) to a new way of thinking, feeling, sensing, and being in the moment ( guided by new energies of divine wisdom, love, and light.)

Notice a shift as individuals and groups move from fight, flight, hiding, isolation, and reacting, to consciously co-creating from divine wisdom, love, and light.

Notice as more and more individuals awaken to their own unique wisdom, love, and light and bring their unique divine energy into their physical, emotional, and mental systems, creating a more powerful divine shift that further expands and transforms human reality on all levels.

Joe Hurley is an Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, & Healing Energy Consultant. Joe is the creator of The Arc of Being Teachings & The Divine Heart Collection. Joe is the founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting. The Divine Heart Website: A place for heart wisdom, healing, and pure unconditional love.

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