Why Meditate and Do We Really Need to Meditate For Spirituality?

What if you were told that you don't need to meditate in order to become more spiritually aware? What if you were to learn that there are other ways to evolve that are just as effective? What if I told you that we all have what it takes to achieve spiritual enlightenment whether we meditate or not? Meditation has tremendous benefits for our spiritual evolution, and I highly recommend it in this day and age; but in actuality, we don't need it. Don't worry, I'll explain why soon enough.

There have been countless books written on the subject of meditation over the years. Our exposure to it seems to grow every day. Many different meditation styles are practiced all over the world, including transcendental, Zen, Taoist, mindfulness and Buddhist meditation. Most of these styles have a similar purpose: to relax and strengthen the body by focusing the mind. However, just like religion, meditation has become too complex.

This is not meant to insinuate that certain forms of meditation are wrong or ineffective. Whichever method you choose is fine. It can only help you on the path. So you're probably wondering how I can recommend meditation while simultaneously claiming that it's not necessary. A fair question. And here's the reason: Meditation is a way to simplify our evermore complex lives, yet it would be unnecessary if the complexity could be eliminated. If illnesses no longer existed, there would be no need for healers. The need for meditation is much the same, although unlike the existence of illness, we have the power to control the course our lives take. If they were not so complex and harrowing, but rather clearer and more relaxing, there would be no need to rejuvenate our body through thought exercises.

The reality is that our lives have become so inextricably convoluted - a phenomenon of our own making, to be sure - it's simply easier to meditate in order to sharpen the one tool that can help us deal with the morass of clutter. Can you do without meditation? Absolutely. But then the real question becomes, to what length are you willing to simplify your life? Are you really ready to remove the clutter? Can you eradicate unhealthy concerns of material goods or wealth? After all, this clutter is the reason why your mind is unable to concentrate in the first place.

You can choose to keep living your life in a way that clutters your mind or you can choose to rejuvenate through meditation. The latter will allow your mind to relax and open up to new ways of going about your path. People who do not overburden themselves are able to see clearer. Their mind is in a state of harmony that lets them process information more rationally and frees them up to seek new experiences, which makes traveling the path that much more fluid.

By 2008, I had lost a great portion of my wealth and subsequently found myself in a very unhealthy situation. I had surrounded myself in debt from every direction, and it became so noisy inside my head, I had no choice but to quiet it down somehow. I came to realize that the noise was of my own creation and therefore was within my power to suppress. Furthermore, I knew it was up to me to keep it from ever rising again.

Admittedly, I've only been meditating since 2010 when I started conversing with my spirit guides, and only because my spirit guides requested it. So how then did I silence my head before 2010? Through my own actions. I found myself sitting in the dark alone, no gizmos or gadgets of any kind; just my body, the darkness, and the thoughts manifesting in my mind. And then it hit me: I am who I am. Thoughts become me. It's amazing how many times you hear those sorts of phrases, and yet they have no effect. It's not until you personally stumble that they start to sink in. There I was in the dark, grasping this revelation - how we can't hear our own minds with all the noise around us - and it felt great.

So I allowed my personal misfortune to become my blessing. I realized that I have no interest in ever cluttering up my life again, regardless of my wealth, possessions or status in life. I also decided to limit my experiences with people who are not in tune with mine (I will explain this in another article). I started meditating on a regular basis as a way to sharpen my mind, allowing me to be more in control of my thoughts rather than the other way around. I stay up late at night, alone in the dark living room with no distractions, and allow my mind the freedom to focus on those areas of thought that will better my spiritual existence in the world.

If you remove all the nonsense in your life, practice meditation, and allow your mind to naturally manifest thoughts, I promise you two things: 1.) Your thoughts will set you on a great path. 2.) You will find yourself walking along that path relaxed and open-minded. As for the clutter in your life, it's up to you to clear it away. Yes, it does take time and work, but you can start today with some simple lifestyle changes.

Written by Guy D. Uriel in the Spirit of The Path. The Path is not a new spiritual way. It's not a new discovery. In fact, it's as old as creation itself. It's the true way for humans to continue evolving. Learn more at http://www.pathian.org. To read the Book go to http://www.111thepath.com

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