How to Teach Kids About Bible Verses

Christian parents should already expose their kids to Bible verses as young as possible. This way, they can already start memorizing and understanding their meaning.

If you are looking for ways on how you are going to do that, the following may help you out:

Read the Bible with them.

Create a small fellowship within your family. You can devote at least an hour of your time every day to gather up your kids and read to them the Bible verses for the day. Do not forget to properly explain to them what the words mean. It will help if you can provide real examples so they can easily relate to the message of the verses.

Buy Bible storybooks.

If you can read Sleeping Beauty and Snow White to them, there is no way that you cannot talk to them about Job and Jonah and the Giant Whale. Before they go to sleep, you can read them Bible storybooks, which you can already purchase in virtually all bookshops. Most of these books have Bible verses that you can share to your kids. Since the books have been written for the children, your kiddos will surely learn to appreciate and even get excited upon hearing the stories.

Opt for the fortune cookie.

You can make learning Bible verses for kids even more fun by coming up with various activities. One of these is baking fortune cookies. However, instead of general quotes, you can pick up Bible verses.

You can call all your kids and then encourage them to pick one fortune cookie. Allow them to read the Bible verses out loud and ask them what they understand about the passage so far. Do not get mad or disappointed if they cannot fully comprehend the message. Some of the Biblical lines are too deep for any child to understand.

In cases where they struggle, make sure that you can share the most accurate interpretation.

Enroll them in Sunday school.

Instead of letting your kids watch TV the entire time during the weekends, you can enroll them in Sunday school. The teacher is trained to provide Biblical lessons to kids, including how to read and understand the verses. There will also be book reading, sharing of stories, and even playing of games that can capture the attention of your kids. Most of the churches today have their own Sunday school, so you can inquire from your own community if they have one.

Encourage them to ask.

Your kids will definitely have a lot of questions about the Bible and the verses they read from the book. To ensure that they do not end up misinterpreting the lines, encourage them to ask you if something seems to be disturbing, frightening, or confusing.

Since you have a huge responsibility in teaching your kids about Bible verses, you should also strive hard to learn as much as you can about the Bible. There are many reference materials you can download online. You can also enroll in short theology courses or participate in Bible study meetings in your local church.

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