Fitting Bible Verses Into One's Life

The Bible verses will definitely be useless if you are not going to apply their messages into your daily life. However, the question is how are you going to do that? There are actually plenty of ways:

1. Memorize the lines.

You will never be able to internalize the Bible verses unless you are going to start memorizing them by heart. At first, it will be difficult for you to do so since you are going to include the exact chapter and verse. However, as you continue with the practice, you will be able to inculcate them in your mind, and it will be easier for you to speak the lines.

2. Create a journal.

Most of the Bibles, even those online, already come with commentaries coming from experts and scholars. However, there are times when the Bible verses will strike a different chord on you. You may have your own story or realization about it.

To make sure that you can give importance to the Bible verses in your life, you may want to develop your own journal. There, you can determine the verse of the day and share your thoughts and reflections in the space below. They can actually be very helpful, especially when you are going to read them on your free time. You will realize how the lines worked for you before.

3. Share the Bible verses.

Jesus wants all who believe in him to be fishers of men. This means that one of the major jobs Christians should accomplish before they pass on is to spread the good news. Any new Bible verse you learn, it is best to share it, particularly to those who need to hear it the most. You can ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit to direct you to these people.

4. Remember them when you are in dire need.

The first instinct of people when faced in a crisis is to become desperate and frustrated. They leave the matters into their hands, even if there are times when they know that they do not have full control over the situation.

It may take a while before you get used to it, but it definitely helps if you can recall certain Bible verses when you find yourself in utter disappointment. If it becomes too hard for you to recall them, you can open up your Bible or perhaps read the journal you have created.

5. Decorate your home with them.

It will certainly be nice if you can come to any corner of your home and still be able to reflect on the Words of God. Many of the decors today already contain Bible verses. In fact, a lot of them are already themed, which means some are fitting in the kitchen or dining room, while others can be put up inside the bedroom.

If you cannot find what you like, you can perform a makeover of your favorite furniture and paint the words. You are not only adding style to your home, but you are also promoting the Bible verses to yourself and to your friends.

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