Secrets of Learning How to Meditate

Meditation can lead to feelings of peace and a greater sense of self awareness in yourself. There are several different forms of meditation, and it's quite possible that you may do some every day and not ever realize it. Did you ever lose track while you are driving the car? Or have that far away feeling is a type of meditation. Resting quietly can be another type. Read on for secrets to learn how to meditate.

A lot of people prefer the more physical ways to meditate. Many people do Tai Chi and Yoga. There are some meditations that involve both physical activity and tranquility. Any form that brings about a fixed mind, with a sense of higher feeling of well being can be classified as a type of meditation.

Meditation is good for your body, not just your mind. Due to its effects on the physical body, it has been used to treat both stress and pain. It has been researched extensively for its stress relieving capabilities. If you need to lower your blood pressure and relieve stress, mediation may be able to help as a drug free way to go.

In order to meditate properly, the positioning is important. You have to be able to be in comfort for extended lengths of time. Most people choose to sit on a cushion, but if you can not sit on a floor, sitting on a stool or chair will work as long as you follow the correct postures. Straighten your spine, and try to remain relaxed. You will have to lean your pelvis a slightly forward. This will place your face and chest in the correct positions. When you have positioned yourself correctly, you should be able to remain this way without too much discomfort for quite a while.

Personal and spiritual beliefs dictate hand and eye positions. Some have the right hand on the left, with thumbs touching, as the Buddhists, but it is not required. Meditating with the eyes closed is the most common, however, some meditate with them open or partially open. Different eye positions are supposed to cause different states of awareness to the brain.

You would comfortably cross your legs, or use what is known as positions as half and full lotus. Sitting on your heels is also an accepted position. The position of your legs will also allow you to hold your posture and be more comfortable.

All forms of religions use the mantra, and it is most likely the most important part of meditation. A repeated prayer can be a form of mantra. The mantra is a series of repeated chants, prayers, humming, anything to free the head of clutter and bring on a meditative state. The mantra causes the tongue and palate to stimulate the brain.

Cultural beliefs and religion may dictate how meditation is performed, but the results are the most important part. Your health and well being will improve. Use the above information, incorporate it into your own life and learn how to meditate.

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