Top 10 Bible Verses
The Bible has over 30,000 verses. However, some of them are so powerful that they are spoken, written, explained, and reflected many times and by millions of people all over the world.
By Michael Bryksa
Another Great Aid to Learning: Writing Out Scripture
Often times when studying the Word of God, we quickly read over the verses. We get a general understanding of the verses and may spend a few moments thinking about them. But shouldn't studying the Word of God be more than that? Writing out...
By Kurt Steinbrueck
The Seven Steps of Biblical Meditation Explained
In my previous article, "The Seven Steps of Biblical Meditation - How To Read The Bible", I listed the seven elements of Biblical meditation and contrasted them with the "Study" approach to reading the Scriptures. In this article I will further...
By Kurt Steinbrueck
3 Cathedrals to See Whilst Walking Peru
As Peruvian history proves, there have been a number of different inhabitants, religions and cultures over the years. Though each and every one of these cultures echoes throughout the country, one of the remnants that you are most likely to come...
By Tony Maniscalco
You Can Learn How to Do Meditation
Are you ready to learn how to do meditation? The actual instructions are incredibly simple and can be followed by near enough anyone. Becoming adept at it, takes time and repetition, just like you would expect with any worthwhile skill.
By Trevor Johnson
Secrets of Learning How to Meditate
Meditation can lead to feelings of peace and a greater sense of self awareness in yourself. There are several different forms of meditation, and it's quite possible that you may do some every day and not ever realize it.
By Trevor Johnson
How to Do Ultra Deep Meditation
Regular meditation can bring about some very real benefits. However, you may be wondering about ultra deep meditation, whether it is possible to go into very deep meditative states, and what benefits there are to such a practice rather than...
By Trevor Johnson
Preparing For 2012
With all the changes occurring in the world you don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. It's time to prepare your spirit to withstand these changes and to be strong to help those in need.
By Cherokee Billie
How is Your Relationship With the Lord
Periodically it is important to evaluate your relationship with the Lord and take a look in the mirror to see how you are doing. We go to church, pray during the day and maybe even attend our weekly Bible study, but as we are handling our daily...
By Steve Childers
Amazing Secrets Of Chakra Meditation Therapy
The chakras (the word literally means energy wheels) are lined up along the center line, or meridian, of a person's body according to ancient Vedic thought. Certain mystical practitioners even believe the number of these wheels to be fourteen.
By Nisal Karuiyaratna
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