Bible Verses About Baby: Why Aren't You Preparing For Your Baby's Coming?
Expecting your first baby can get pretty messy. Everybody, just about, feels delighted the moment they hear they're going to be a father or a mother for the first time
By Pete Stockton
Simple Tips on How to Meditate Deeply
Meditation used to be a Middle Eastern discipline routine. Not anymore. Lately, its popularity has spread worldwide and many more individuals are realizing the benefits it provides. This article will provide you with better techniques on how...
By Trevor Johnson
Bible Verses About Anxiety: Get Rid of Your Anxiety Problems Once and For All
Life is tough and there's nothing anybody can do about it. But thing is, the average yuppie is much more stressed these days than the average tribal warrior thousands of years ago.
By Pete Stockton
What Everybody Ought To Know About Adultery According To The Bible
We live in difficult times. That much is true. Think about it, we live in a time when the world is trying to change everything that was set down by the Lord thousands of years ago. Morals and standards have changed a lot since...
By Pete Stockton
Learn Exactly What The Bible Verses Teach Us About Adoption
Truth is, adoption is not for everyone. Some people find joy in adopting an orphaned baby. Others can't live with the thought of raising somebody else's child as if it were their own. People have different feelings about adoption and...
By Pete Stockton
Discover What The Bible Verses Say About Addiction
There's addiction and then there's addiction. For the most part, people perceive the subject from two very different perspectives. Some people see addiction as a threat to healthy living.
By Pete Stockton
Want To Know More About Bible Verses On Abortion?
Abortion could be a tricky issue - as a matter of fact, it is. It's been around since the Classical Ages. It's been talked about and discussed since perhaps the beginning of religion. But even so...
By Pete Stockton
How to Teach Kids About Bible Verses
Christian parents should already expose their kids to Bible verses as young as possible. This way, they can already start memorizing and understanding their meaning.
By Michael Bryksa
Story of the Egg - Who Came First?
While we are on the way to discussing about the EGG, one of the basic and oft asked questions is "Who came first: the chicken or the egg?" There is no clear inference towards the history of this wonderful thing called the Egg.
By David H. Urmann
Fitting Bible Verses Into One's Life
The Bible verses will definitely be useless if you are not going to apply their messages into your daily life. However, the question is how are you going to do that?
By Michael Bryksa
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