How We Treat Each Other Matters
Reports of near death experiences in the emergency room are common Survivor accounts of these experiences are remarkably similar to the following: In a typical near death encounter, a man or woman is rushed into an emergency room with a serious...
By Dave Almeida
Where is the Truth to be Found
Because the modern age is mesmerized by the wonders of science, it's difficult for unproven information to be recognized as having any value to industrialized societies. Scientific investigation is the process by which all theories must pass through.
By Dave Almeida
The Separate But Equal Theory of Consciousness
Before diving into the "separate but equal theory of consciousness," I must present a few basic ideas regarding the Creator Presenting these concepts will help clear a path for a better understanding of "separate but equal" in terms of...
By Dave Almeida
What To Do When You Don't Have Time To Meditate
Mindfulness is a type of meditative practice that takes you out of the world for a brief period of time without the need for engaging in formal meditation. Our busy lives necessitate that we 'drop out' from time to time in order to process...
By Det Dave Love
A Global Vision: The New Healing of Humanity
There is nothing new about human consciousness awakening and evolving. There is a new shift that human consciousness is taking right now. This new evolutionary step is an expansion of human consciousness. Think about expanding beyond...
By Joe Hurley
Why Meditate and Do We Really Need to Meditate For Spirituality?
What if you were told that you don't need to meditate in order to become more spiritually aware? What if you were to learn that there are other ways to evolve that are just as effective? What if I told you that we all have what it takes to achieve...
By Guy David Uriel
The Never-Ending Argument About God: What if I Had to Choose a Side
I can't even render a guess on how many Internet videos I've watched over the years showing atheists and people of faith debating God's existence. Each side always offers some compelling and some not so compelling evidence; but no matter which way...
By Guy David Uriel
The Soul is Free of the Imperfections of the Body
There is a famous saying that sums up what I am about to discuss. We have all heard the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover." This statement is useful for spiritual purposes. Humans make snap judgments of people and situations based on their...
By Dave Almeida
A Simple Method For Ridding Yourself of Dangerous Negative Energy
There are many terms and definitions for negative energy. Some people and groups consider negative energy to be a kind of bad vibration that can ruin your day. On the extreme side, there are people who see negative energy as entities such as...
By Dave Almeida
Bible Verses About Babies: Learn How to Start Appreciating Babies
Babies are the cutest. At some point in our lives almost everybody wants to have a baby. It's a fact of life. It is embedded in our genes. God wants us to...
By Pete Stockton
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