The Danger of Religious Myths

The majority of the human race accept some form of religious myth as truth and abide by the teachings given by elders of fake doctrines. If something sounds too good to be true then it usually is and this is what most religious followers do not understand.

If simply following the laws laid down by a religious organisation could ensure an eternal paradise in the after-life then it is equivalent to winning the lottery and having all your physical cares taken care of. All it would take to reason the logic of where they are coming from is to examine why they believe this in the first place. Is it because of parents, environment, schooling, religious brain-washing or something else? Or is it because they have an internal voice telling them that this is true,

For a quarter of a century my research and observations of religious people demonstrate that no matter what the faith the laws are the same. Don't look right or left, don't listen to other people who might tell you something different, don't explore other religions and don't believe anyone who tells you of something like their memory of reincarnation or that they can hear God talking to them.

To ensure you don't do these things there are terms applied such as 'blasphemy', 'mortal sin', 'heathen', and then the encouragement to ridicule and cast out anyone who speaks of things not religious.

Over the last fifty years or so this state of affairs has been slowly changing as people are waking up. Science has played a major role in this by showing that a virgin birth, for instance, is impossible, and that evolution, denied by all religions, is fact.

Space exploration has shown a different side to the coin as there is no heaven or hell visible from out there. So if they exist where are they?

But ignorance among those too poor to be educated or too engrossed in religious mythology to withdraw their heads from the sand allows the false teachings to continue. Thus, overpopulation is now strangling us as the increase in numbers grows. Quotations from the New Testament are kept alive to tell Christian followers to have more children. Cultures in the east have always believed that and so the problems of feeding them and supplying enough resources grow.

Oceans are being depleted at an enormous rate. Things like plastic and carbon are polluting everything and who are we going to stop from living longer when drugs and the medical world says otherwise? Those standing on the side of pro-life see only what religion teaches them and not the reality of how nature works.

So I raise the issue of religious myths and the danger of imposing them on all humanity once again. The world is fast reaching the end as resources dry up, deforestation and other environment destruction continues, and money rules with a hand of iron. Big business and religion are in control and governments are powerless against them simply because any action might be unpopular.

It has taken a quarter of a century to piece the overall picture together Its all here along with the evidence -

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