There are instances when we are so much cautious of everything that surrounds us. We always tend to suspect other people staring as someone who will do us harm. But that is not always the case. They are free to stare anytime, no matter how long except that it is unethical. Sometimes I become so paranoid because of being robbed once and having been a witness to robberies happening right before my very eyes. In such situations, you cannot really help others. You cannot even help your self.

And just the same, others cannot ask help from you. I am thinking of keeping a paintball gun inside my purse to distract the robbers. That way they might not go on with what they are planning. I might scare them away or I can make a scene where cops would notice me and respond.

On second thought a paintball gun could lead to something more tragic, in my mind. It might cause panic to the bystanders or they may even be splashed with paint too. It might just make the criminals more voracious to execute their plans or even more. A paintball gun can just do more harm, if ever. Not to the criminals, but to you, as a victim. A stain can never harm those who are evil. It will fade in time. And besides, paintball gun is carried inside the paintball arena only, for gaming purposes.

Sometimes it is so disappointing that a lot of people had gone bad, more turned into evil ways. Does, bringing a paintball gun as self protection, have to really cross one's mind? Maybe when you feel safe and secured, you will never have to worry about anything. But time has really changed. People started desiring for more, more than what they can afford and more than what they can sustain. They started harming others to get a hold of what they want in life. It sucks! God made people as rational beings. Rational beings can distinguish right from wrong. God made Humans the highest of his creations. What a disgust that most of us turned into real monsters capable of hurting and taking others' belongings.

From all the parts of the world criminals are abundant. We have learned to defend ourselves especially that crimes had been happening widely. Sad but true. Do we really have to watch it slowly happening to our world? What can each one of us do to resolve the crime problems? Maybe it is to keep life simpler and be contented in the little things we have. We are not God, we don't deserve everything. Stop being a burden to other people. Earn yourself a decent kind of living. It won't hurt to sometimes ignore your churning stomach and not hurt anybody just to fill the need. It may not be the kind of life you dreamed to have but it's all you can afford. Be responsible for yourself. Don't make money run your life, it will surely lead you astray.

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