Material World Full of Products and Services to Make Me Happy

When we sit back and assess the modern world we can hardly live without so many different things that help fulfill our lives be that handbags, wide screen TV's or botox!

So much has changed in the last forty years that it is hardly recognizable with the advancement of technology but also our attitudes and we now live in a materialistic world and it is not going to change in the near future.

So let us look at the things we love and could not be without:

Designer Hand bags

This little luxury we change much more frequently than ever before and now with many high quality fashion options there is no need to go to Milan to buy a designer one! We obviously could not be without a bag but we often change them to suit our mood and outfits and season. So summer we look at floral and winter more formal hand bags.

Plasma TV

Even writing this i am thinking that 3D TV's are going to be the latest must have technology since the launch of 3D films like Avatar or Toy Story 3 have made this new technology the next big thing. We certainly could live without 3D but unlikely to live without our TV when we get home from work. In days gone by people used to read books or talk to each we all have square eyes!

Laptops and High spec PC's

The internet and particularly broadband have made using laptops or PC's impossible to live without and therefore we cannot look back and compare this option as computers have been around for twenty years or so. Most things can be done on the PC including watching TV, so this one is going to be hard to live without!

Kitchen Appliances

Dishwasher, washing machines, coffee machines, fridges which dispense water and so on the list is endless but many of us could not live without these devices even though we did 40 years ago!

Kitchen devices for many of us are a must have and being without the built in wine cooler as an example of how things have moved on to the world we live in today.

Botox, Teeth whitening and cosmetic surgery

We spend lots of money of ourselves and this includes botox, teeth whitening and cosmetic surgery all of which help people be happy and give them self confidence but it is difficult to think a few years ago and nobody would know you could make your teeth whiter and remove years of staining.

Because of the power of celebrities in magazines and TV etc has made the pressure for personal image, fashion and much more front of mind.

The challenge with paying to look good is that some of the basic health benefits like good eating, plenty of sleep and exercise are compromised because money can rectify some of the things we use to do forty years ago but a healthy balance is always good to maintain.

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