How Much is Enough?
This planet does not have enough resources to sustain the seven billion plus people living on it. So when is enough... enough? Because humanity feels it is deprived, there will never be enough.
By Dave Almeida
Unfreedom Tower at Ground Zero
Just for fun, let's assume a really fanciful, utterly unimaginable set of circumstances - a real screwball fantasy: Let's say that a group of religion-drunk psychopaths with dreams of paradise flew a pair of commercial aircraft full of...
By Bailey Stone
The Danger of Religious Myths
The majority of the human race accept some form of religious myth as truth and abide by the teachings given by elders of fake doctrines. If something sounds too good to be true then it usually is and this is what most religious followers do...
By Norma Holt
There are instances when we are so much cautious of everything that surrounds us. We always tend to suspect other people staring as someone who will do us harm. But that is not always the case. They are free to stare anytime, no matter how long...
By Layne Emerson
Summer Days
Summer is too long. It is hard to keep children at home especially when both parents are working. They would resort to all PC games on the internet. What's more frightening is that they might accidentally click on to an adult website and you might...
By Layne Emerson
Material World Full of Products and Services to Make Me Happy
When we sit back and assess the modern world we can hardly live without so many different things that help fulfill our lives be that handbags, wide screen TV's or botox. So much has changed in the last forty years that it is hardly...
By Jason Scott Edworthy