Green Politics - Is This the Way to a Safer Planet?

Anybody who has the slightest knowledge of the world around us knows that our planet is heading for troubled times. There are parts of the world where the population is growing unchecked leading to an ecological crisis. On the other hand, there are countries where industrial development is also growing at a fast pace and this is leading to a pollution problem of the highest level. The growing awareness of this problem has led to people to follow green policies. This determines their choices when it comes to lifestyle, consumption and even to the political parties they support.

There are many people in Europe who are of the opinion that political parties have a very important role to play in conserving our environment. After all, it is they who form rules and laws concerning how industry has to be regulated. This has a direct bearing on how natural resources will be utilized and how effluents from industry have to be managed. This is possibly the only way that pollution and its destructive effects on the environment can be brought under control before it becomes too late for the planet.

As a result of this growing desire to protect the earth, there are many people who now vote for green parties. These parties espouse a political ideology that places a very great emphasis on environmental goals. These parties also believe in involving citizens in their efforts, making it a very participatory style of governance and not a top down approach.

Most traditional political parties are oblivious to this concern of the citizens whose votes they seek. They propose to improve the quality of life by increasing investment in infrastructure and industry. They don't at all consider the long term impact of their policies on the environment or on the quality of human life. Even existing investment in power generation does not take into account the fact that fossil fuels are being depleted at a worryingly rapid pace.

Followers of green politics are also supporters of conservation, feminism and world peace. They tend to be more open to new ideas, more particularly, the use of technology to improve industrial efficiencies. They propose that development is not a bad thing as long as it is not unchecked.

Even though green politics first originated in Europe, they are now present all over the world. Green parties rarely get to form governments, but they do have an important role to play. Even if they cannot directly form policies, these parties usually do a lot to pressurize governments to change the direction they are taking.

There is also a movement to get green parties from various countries to unite their efforts in order to get better publicity and so that their efforts can be synergized. It obviously makes sense for green parties to unite to fight campaigns together so that they can convert even more people to their cause. This is probably the only way for people to do something to conserve the planet for future generations.

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