History of Somalia

We always heart about Somali for the wrong reasons. The republic of Somalia also known as the Horn of Africa due to its geographic reasons seems to be in a state of chaos. Somalia is at war with it self. There are no doubts that Somalia is suffering and solution does not seem at hand. Although the negative light it gets, it has a history that cannot be ignored. Here are some highlights of the Somali nation.

History of any country determines its languages, people, cultures and its existence in turn. Somalia had a great history right from the Paleolithic age. It had its own tradition people and its own inscriptions that are yet to unveil their mystery. Several archaeologist departments are working in Somalia to find out the truth about this country and the existence of people in this country. We are yet not sure if the original Somalia people are still existing. As soon as Somalia changed to a centre of trade, it had the population who migrated from several parts of the world and hence the original population slowly deteriorated into nothing. The history of Somalia has its own developments and stages. Somalia had a wonderful history in the past.

Prehistory: Man occupied Somalia from the Stone Age and there are a lot of proofs to depict this. Stone carvings that are as early as 9000BC were discovered in the Northern areas of Somalia. In fact, the Laas Geel Complex has one of the earliest rocks in Africa. Two main cultures flourished during the Stone Age and there were inscriptions found on the stone carvings. Still archaeologists are unable to match the inscriptions to any of the ancient languages. It is guessed that Hargeisan and the Doian cultures survived in Somalia. Lot of cemeteries prove that the culture followed burying of dead people too.

Artistic Era: Several evidences do exist to prove that art flourished greatly in Somalia. Toms, pyramids, mosques, Silk Road have all stood high to show people their talent and skill. The Egyptians with whom the Somalia people had very close relationship have guided the tombs and pyramids. The Silk Road is one of the world's famous monuments extending through Arabia, Somalia, Egypt, India, Persia and finally China. Archaeological excavations too show that there existed a lot of scriptures and writings, which might be poems, or literature of the nation. Such valuable resources are yet to be deciphered and identified. They might be a treasury of gold hidden so long in mud.

Merchandise Century: It was after the artistic Era Somalia soon became a nation of trade. Indians, Persians, Arabians started the trade all over the world and trade was primarily through seas. During such a time, almost all the coastal countries gained importance of their existence and that is how Somalia soon got its importance to become a great trade centre in the world during that time.

Though today this might have become a bit deteriorating, they have proven their best effort in trading and stopping piracy that has brought a stop to their fame.

For anyone who is a student of African history, Somalia is place worth visiting. Ashraf Afghani is a frequent visitor to the republic of Somalia, however due to the civil war he does not travel frequently. He adores Somali songs and music. He has a huge collection of Somali Music (

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