Green Politics - Is This the Way to a Safer Planet?
Anybody who has the slightest knowledge of the world around us knows that our planet is heading for troubled times. There are parts of the world where the population is growing unchecked leading to an ecological crisis. On the other hand...
By Felix Lehmann
History of Somalia
We always heart about Somali for the wrong reasons. The republic of Somalia also known as the Horn of Africa due to its geographic reasons seems to be in a state of chaos. Somalia is at war with it self. There are no doubts that...
By Ashraf Afghani
The Lawless Roads
The Arizona-US border is the scene of a massive influx of illegal trespassers and the home of a new law that intends to enforce the crime of being in the country illegally The problem is huge
By Charles M. Bennis
Dental Clinic In Guatemala
El Remate is a small village in Guatemala, which is surrounded by a thick green forest full of animal, steep rocky hills and a very blue lake, lake Peten Itza. It has humid air that can be a little hard to breathe if you are used to a dry climate...
By Ben L. Jenkins