Recycling and Reuse Glass

Glass is 100% recyclable. A lot of the glass bottles and jars we buy from the local supermarket have been made from recycled glass which in turn has been made from recycled glass. So the brand new item you purchase could easily be sat in a jar that is over a quarter of a century old. Glass has the ability to be recycled over and over again without losing it's quality.

This means 100% of the glass you put in your bottle banks can be recycled which has a great impact on the environment and also greatly reduces energy consumption. Watching the election debates on the TV this year raised some important issues about the environment and how people can go about improving it. For every tonne of recycled glass melted in the reproduction process saves approximately 315kg of Carbon Dioxide, which in turn reduces emissions overall and saves on natural resources needed.

The glass is collected from your local bottle banks and taken to a bottle recycling plant where it is sorted and crushed. It is then processed and any metals are removed by a powerful magnet. The final process is the vibrating of the glass to remove any bricks or stones.

As technology is increasing and more unwanted materials are filtered from the glass, the quality of glass is increased. Recycled glass takes a lot less energy to melt than if we were melting the raw materials.

We have also seen a dramatic increase in the people that are now using empty glass jars and glass bottles in there every day lives. Glass has many uses after you have used the containing products. Some great ideas we have seen glass jars and bottles being used for are:

1, storage jars for the garage (great to store your nuts and bolts)

2, crafts for the kids, it's great to see your little ones using there imagination and creating lovely sand shows or picture frames

3, storage for dry foods and preserves. wash it out and reuse, make your own homemade jams and chutneys or wines.

4, lanterns. this has been a popular choice, do a search in your search engines to see some great pictures of household and garden lamps and lanterns that have started off as just an empty jar.

We all know the negative impact of climate change and would all like to do our bit. that is why we have written this article as many people don't understand the benefits a simple act like recycling and reusing your glass jars and bottles can bring. So next time your at the end of a honey jar, glass jam jar or wine bottle just have a think. If you can't think of a way of how you are able to reuse it, pop down to your local supermarket and pop your bottles in the bottle bank. Even make it a fun experience for your kids and let them throw the bottles in to hear that destructive smashing sound we all love when we was kids, just make sure they're careful! and hopefully they will nag at you next time you have an empty glass storage container.

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