Does Inter Planetary Climate Change Prove the Threat of 2012 Real?

Over the last few decades global warming has become an increasingly hot subject (pun intended). Lately, in trying to delve into the mystery of 2012 predictions, prophecies and possibilities, I've been researching this topic and what I have discovered is quite alarming. Did you know that it's not just our planet that is experiencing this phenomenon but the whole solar system? Here are some of the disturbing facts I've learned about recent planetary changes.

1. Solar activity has increased to the highest it's been in 8000 years. The last time it was higher was 11,000 year ago. Is it a coincident that Atlantis is thought to have fallen 11,000 years ago?

2. Mercury is growing a magnetic field.

3. Venus is generating oxygen. This means that the atmosphere is changing into something breathable.

4. Mars is forming clouds and ozone and the polar ice caps are melting. There has been an up to 50% erosion of ice features in one year. Definitely a sign of massive global warming.

5. Jupiter is having raging thunderstorms and global upheaval also caused by rapid global warming. Back in 2000 a scientist, Dr. Phillip Marcus, predicted that global warming would cause an 18-degree temperature rise on Jupiter in just 10 years. These massive storms are proving him right. Also, the colors of Jupiter's rings are changing.

6. Saturn's plasma torus (the charged energy coming from the sun) is 1000% denser and there are massive ex-rays shooting out from near the equator. This is creating a clearly discernible hot spot showing on the surface of the planet.

7. Uranus was described in 1986 as a featureless ball but now is producing huge storms.

8. Neptune presented very few bright clouds in 1989 but between 1989 and 2002, Neptune showed massive changes and has gotten 40% brighter in the near infrared range. This phenomenon cannot be explained by any of our current science.

9. Pluto is experiencing global warming even as it is moving away from the sun. Also, from 1989 to 2002 Pluto had a 300% increase in overall atmospheric pressure.

10. Earth has seen a significant rise in all natural disasters including tropical storms, droughts, floods and earthquakes. In the last century, volcanic activity has gone up over 500%, sea levels have risen and tornadoes have increased, as has the temperature. On the other hand, over the last couple of decades, the severity of winter storms is way up. Also, between 1985 and 1999 there was a substantial (unexplained) increase in the temperature on the bottom of the ocean.

Undeniably, every planet in our solar system (and who knows, maybe beyond) is experiencing the dramatic alterations caused by these inexplicable climate changes. These are changes that we can absolutely and precisely measure. We're observing brightness changes, cataclysmic activity, greater magnetic field strength and an increase of protons and charged particles in the atmosphere, just to name a few. Something definitely is happening in our solar system.

I wonder why this information isn't being taught in our mainstream schools. Maybe it's because there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe the people in power think it's best to keep us focused on our irresponsible polluting of the Earth to distract us from the bigger picture. You know how they feel about panicking the masses. Whatever the reason, I think that it certainly proves that, while the threat of 2012 is real, global warming is being caused by natural causes. Would you agree?

Vicki is exploring the mystery of 2012 predictions, prophecies and possibilities trying to answer the question "Is 2012 real ("

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