How to Move to a New Flat, The Eco Friendly Way?

So you finally found your dream apartment and are ready to move to your new flat. But before you start packing, make sure that you're armed with eco-friendly moving tips. Remember that moving to a new flat can take a toll on you and the environment as well. Boxes and foam pellets get used and discarded a lot. A lot of petrol is also wasted and carbon emissions are released when you move. Be sure to plan ahead and to keep the following moving tips in mind to save energy, money and even the environment.

1. Don't buy new packing materials. Search your home for old boxes or even newspapers that you can use to pack your things. Ask neighbors if they can give you extra boxes or foam pellets that might be in the storage room. You can even use old clothes instead of foam to wrap fragile items, like lamps and glasses. Forgo bubble wrap and foam pellets if you can. These are made from non-biodegradable materials and can harm the environment.

2. Hold a garage sale instead of throwing old furniture, books and clothes. Earn extra money and save the environment as well by holding a garage sale. You can also donate old books and clothes to charities and schools. Remember that your waste or trash can be another person's gold or treasure.

3. Plan to move all your things in one trip. Save energy and decrease your carbon footprint on the world. Cram as many items as you can into your car or moving van so that it only takes one trip or drive to get your stuff into your new flat. If your car's too small, ask if you can borrow a friend's truck or lorry for your move.

4. Take all your old electronics to recycling facilities. This eco-friendly tip can reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Don't throw appliances or mobile phones in the trash. Search the Internet for the nearest recycling facility and take them there instead.

5. Use eco-friendly cleaning materials. There are many organic and natural cleaning materials available. Choose them instead of the usual toxic household cleaners. These toxic materials can cause allergies, asthma and even respiratory infections. They can also dry out your skin and may cause rashes. There are a lot of ordinary non-toxic household products that you can use to clean, like vinegar and baking soda.

6. Dispose of corrosive, flammable and dangerous materials properly. Never throw these items along with your regular trash. Ask local officials if there is a schedule for the collecting of hazardous waste so you can set these aside for that day. If you put corrosive and flammable materials in one trash bag, label it accordingly.

Moving can be tiring and stressful but you can at least be kind to the environment by following the eco-friendly moving tips listed above. These are just a few simple steps you can make for a better environment.

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