Going Green With Your Child

Nearly every one of us by now knows about global warming and that the climate is changing day by day globally. It becomes as our responsibility to make sure we take initiatives to change this process and weaken the earth warming process. It is not a process or change that can be brought by an individual but every one of us should be participating in it to the fullest in order to make the world a better place. Most of us are too ignorant about all this, but we should be involved in it as it is our planet and we need to save it for our upcoming generations. With that said, our utmost priority is to educate our children about all this. It is important to teach them why and how they should go eco friendly.

It is not necessary that we wait for our children to grow up and then tell them about all this. It is important that we start training them right from their childhood, so that being environmental friendly becomes a part of their lifestyle. In this way, when they are grownups they won't need to merely take initiatives like us to go environmental friendly. Instead it would be their lifestyle and no efforts would be required. The major misconception most of us have is that going green means making the world greener by planting trees and flowers. By going green, what we mean is to reduce the usage of resources and try to save them as much as possible. Resources such as water, trees, and the like are getting sparse day by day and this is where we need to take an action. We need to teach our children how they can live a normal life yet save the resources. We need to make them good habits such as switching off lights when not needed, stop wasting water, make more productive usage of paper and try not to use them until extremely important.

Food is another major thing that needs to properly be consumed and not to be wasted. It is important to teach our children the value of these resources and how they can utilize them in a better way. For instance, disposal of waste products is another major issue concerning the world getting polluted, and we can teach the children how to dispose of waste materials in a better way to make the earth greener. Teaching the proper ways to recycle goods that are around the house is a good place to start. Explaining how the way people dispose of their waste can ultimately affect our drinking water and wildlife should also be taught. The children of today need to know the importance of resources, only then they would be able to restore them and utilize them properly without wasting them. Schools are also getting involved with teaching children the importance of going green. From class room activities, field trips and collecting recyclables for fund raisers, children are learning and often times teaching the parents about going green.

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