An Offshore Tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico
By now, almost everyone has heard of the great tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, with an offshore drilling platform sinking off the coast of Louisiana with 11 dead, the result of a blowout. The platform, Deepwater Horizon, was owned and ran...
By Julian Gaston
Going Green With Your Corporate Event
Planning a corporate event? Been informed that you have to find a sustainable hotel venue? Panic not; this article will give you a few pointers that should make sure you find a green hotel that does its best to save the planet, while offering your...
By Dave Matthews
Would You Consider Yourself A Green Friendly Advocate?
You can recognize a green friendly person by the food he/she eats. Whether out of preoccupation for private well being or care for the environment, a lot of people purchase native food as an alternative of the non-organic merchandise.
By Bruce Hoover
All About No Better Time Than Now To Switch To Solar Energy Power
Solar power can offer much but at the same it is also confusing. Whatever the case may be, surely you are aware of solar energy power by now and of how beneficial it is.
By Kent Francis
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