How to Produce Your Own Homemade Wind Power

With the rising prices of oil products, energy in general has been getting more and more expensive as time passes by. This is why renewable energy sources have been getting quite popular. The one getting a lot of attention now are the possibilities of harnessing the power of the wind.

Wind turbines are fast getting ahead of the other forms of alternative energy because of it's ease of use and the price difference. A good-sized wind turbine system costs just a fraction of what a similar sized solar panel system would. The price is what generally attracts people to wind turbines; a smaller initial investment means that the return would be much faster.

Wind energy is transformed into usable electricity for the home by using wind turbines, this wind turbine serve as a homemade wind power generator; making one for your own use isn't all that hard. There are only a few materials and tools needed, and all of them can be purchased at the local hardware store. The electricity produced can be used to power the electrical appliances in the house thus drastically reducing your monthly power bill. Wind energy is "clean" energy, meaning producing electricity from it will not contribute to the already massive amounts of pollution in the planet; so not only are you saving money by producing your own electricity, you're also helping save the planet.

Now, to generate your own homemade wind power, you will need to setup a wind turbine, a set of which comprises of a few components; a set of blades, a mounting pole, a hub to hold the blades in place, and a turbine. The blades are usually made from PVC materials and are very lightweight; they are cut into the same length and are spaced equally on the hub. The blades are placed such that it can capture the most amount of wind possible.

And to generate electricity, you will need a turbine. The electric turbine will be responsible for converting the rotational energy produced by the spinning blades into potable electricity. The electricity produced is stored in batteries connected to the turbine. An inverter then converts the stored DC current into AC power for home use.

You will then need to mount everything on a pole which is cut to a height that blades can efficiently catch the wind from. The whole setup should be placed on an open field where there is enough wind speed that will be able to spin the blades. The turbine should not be mounted on the rooftop since the wind current there is not as strong as on an open field. The pole should be firmly planted in the ground so it can withstand strong gale force winds.

Using homemade wind power will greatly decrease your monthly electricity bill, and you may even be self-sufficient and eliminate the need for the electric company. You stand to receive up to 80 percent savings on your electric bill. In these times where every expense seems like such a burden, being able to produce your own power is a great help with your finances.

Are you ready to start generating your own energy? You can start building your own wind turbine ( as soon as this weekend by learning the information here.

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